How to Clean Suede Shoes

Hi everyone,  Suede is a beautiful and versatile material, but it can be tricky to keep clean. However, with a few simple steps, you can keep your suede shoes looking their best for years to come.

Here are the basic steps on how to clean suede shoes:

  1. Prepare your supplies. You will need a suede brush, a suede eraser, a damp cloth, and a suede protector.
  2. Remove loose dirt and debris. Use the suede brush to brush away any loose dirt or debris from the shoes. Be sure to brush in one direction only, so that you don’t brush the nap of the suede up.
  3. Clean stains with a suede eraser. If there are any stains on the shoes, use a suede eraser to gently rub them away. Be sure to work in small circles, and don’t press too hard, as you could damage the suede.
  4. Dampen a cloth with water. Dip a clean, soft cloth in water and wring it out until it is damp, but not wet.
  5. Gently blot the shoes with the damp cloth. Blot the shoes in a circular motion, being careful not to soak the suede.
  6. Let the shoes dry completely. Once the shoes are dry, brush them again with the suede brush to restore the nap.
  7. Apply a suede protector. To help protect your suede shoes from future stains, apply a suede protector. Be sure to follow the instructions on the protector carefully.

Here are some additional tips for cleaning suede shoes:

  • Don’t use water. Water can damage suede, so it is important to avoid using it to clean your shoes. If you do get your suede shoes wet, be sure to dry them as soon as possible.
  • Be gentle. Suede is a delicate material, so it is important to be gentle when cleaning it. Don’t rub the suede too hard, and don’t use any harsh chemicals.
  • Store your shoes properly. When you are not wearing your suede shoes, store them in a dust bag or shoebox. This will help to protect them from dust and dirt.

Suede is a fabric that absorbs water easily. This means that if you wash suede shoes with water, the stains will be more likely to set in the fabric. To avoid this, it is best to clean suede shoes with a dry brush or a suede cleaning solution.

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