Best Toddler Hiking Shoes

When go hiking with children for first time sometimes parents get kind of nervous due that they don’t have experience preparing the journey with their kids. At the same time they are excited about looking for the equipment necessary to complete the adventure. There is no doubt that one of the first think that you need to do in this situation is to research about which are the best toddler hiking shoes. Getting good gear for them will facilitate the connection with the nature that most hiking lovers feel, and footwear is the basic element for a young boy when going to the wilderness. Then, considering the environment of the terrain where you are going to hike will be extremely important when choosing the hiking shoes for your kids. For example, you will have to think if they will need hiking boots, sneakers shoes, or even hiking sandals.

Toddler Hiking Shoes Features


In many ways buying hiking shoes for toddlers is similar to buying them for adult. And you will see that the contemporary hiking shoes tend to be less bulky and lighter than the classic heavy boots that the hikers use to wear back in the day. The newer footwear for hiking will help you to feel more comfortable, and agility is one of the advantages that you get when using them. Even though when using them probably you feel your ankle less supported, the truth is that modern technology has evolved enormously and you can find a great number of toddler hiking shoes that are lighter and at the same time show a top notch ankle support.

Support and Firmness

Nevertheless nowadays hikers look for lighter shoes, support is still one of the main characteristics that they look when observing hiking shoes. No matter how light are these types of shoes, all of them keep some degree of firmness to guarantee the support needed when hiking, and toddler hiking shoes are not the exception. Again, the terrain will determine the degree of support that your kid will need during the intended hike.

Type of Hiking Shoes for Toddlers

Approach Shoes

These shoes are for people that are looking for shoes that that give strong traction and like to hike in particularly rocky areas, and is common to see rock climbers that use them to later change their footwear to regular climbing shoes when approach a vertical surface. Normally this shoe shows a minimal rubber compound underfoot in order to enhance the grip when rock climbing.

Trail Running Shoes

The trail running shoes are particularly adequate for toddlers, because they are the definitive lightweight alternative and often seen in kids that are starting their journey in the adventure and nature world. Considering that the trail footwear is really comfortable, this is perfect for children, but it is useful to understand that what it gives you regarding comfort and flexibility; it takes it away considering support.

Hiking Shoes

Most of the time you will see hikers using shoes that fall just below the ankle, because they like to wear a footwear that without to be too heavy are stiffer that a normal trail shoe, and the materials that are used in the manufacturing of these types of shoes, like for example long lifespan nylons or leather, are normally sturdier than materials that you see often in trail shoes. They also come with midsoles that without to be extremely hard, are strong enough to give the necessary support when complemented with a rubber toe cap.

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1. Merrell Unisex-Child Trail Chaser Jr Hiking Sneaker

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The great thing about the Merrell Unisex-Child Trail Chaser Jr Hiking Sneaker is that the treat will keep your kid safe avoiding any slipping, and also manage the rock and dirt very efficiently. They are also versatile and are able to be used in most of the environments, no matter if there are muddy, uneven or downhill. You will see that your little one will be much more confident using this footwear than when using the regular all purpose sneakers. In this sense the hiking shoes will also help you to achieve a longer lifespan of the kid’s sneakers, because the children will not use their every day shoes in activities which are not designed to be worn.

The elastic type laces are nice, and you will need only to pull the tongue and the laces to set up a nice and comfortable fit. If you want even more customization regarding how tight you want your toddler to wear the shoes, you have the Velcro to get it right.

These shoes from Merrell are well constructed and sturdy, showing an attractive design available in adequate colors for kids of toddler age.  Finally for some people this product could seems a little stiff, but don’t forget that hiking shoes need to be a little harder to give the needed support when going to the nature.

What we Like
  • Sturdy
  • Elastic lace closure
  • Nice look
What we Did Not Like
  • Kind of hard

2. KEEN Unisex-Child Hikeport 2 Low Waterproof Hiking Shoe

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These shoes are very sturdy avoiding any sign of deterioration short term, and normally you won’t see cracks or flaws before wearing them many times. Even the most demanding toddlers they will be able to use this shoe for a long time. The KEEN Unisex-Child Hikeport 2 Low Waterproof Hiking Shoe will deal very well with moisture and water inside, when passing through the mud, puddles and streams on the trail.  Also this footwear from Keen shows an ample toe box, which is a great feature when your kids show a wider foot.

The Velcro is good quality avoiding the annoying tear that so often you can see in inferior toddler hiking shoes. Besides the manufacturing is top notch and the design looks nice considering that the highest priority when planning the design of these types of shoes is traction and no slippage. Beyond that, is fair to say that the designer put special emphasis in the easiness for the kids when they on and off  the shoes, which a really important factor when thinking about shoes for toddlers.

Finally, this footwear come with a breathable membrane in order to avoid the possible humidity provoked by the natural sweating that is produced by the exigent exercise that is deployed when walking in uneven or hilly terrains.

What we Like
  • Versatile
  • Anti slippage
  • Breathable
What we Did Not Like
  • None

3. Timberland Unisex-Child Toddler Mt. Maddsen Timberdry Waterproof Hiking Boot


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The Timberland Unisex-Child Toddler Mt. Maddsen Timberdry Waterproof Hiking Boot comes with the TimberDry™ membrane that is made of 50% recycled plastic and waterproof better leather from a tannery rated silver for its water resistant capability, resulting in that these hiking boots for toddlers are completely waterproof.

The shoes also show the “Does it Fit?” sockliner, which is sometimes called insole, and it is the soft foam in that the foot respites inside the hiking shoes. Timberland provides sockliners that are manufactured using foam that gives great cushioning in order to assure that the foot of the toddlers rest adequately, letting you know when to go for a new pair of footwear.

Also, they feature a lace closure system and entirely gusseted tongue particularly designed to make easier the on and off of the boots which is basic regarding the management of shoes for kids, especially for youngsters of toddler age. Besides, the exclusive fabric lining from Timberland called  ReBOTL™  that is used in these shoes confection includes at least 50% recycled plastic, and the also original footbed from the firm, named Lightweight OrthoLite®, is thought to offer to your toddler comfort during the whole duration of the usage.

Finally, the midsole is made of a blend of of compression molded EVA which is thought to enhance the high bounce back cushioning.

What we Like
  • High ankle
  • Lightweight
  • Excellent support
What we Did Not Like
  • A little heavy

Closing Thoughts

Given the extra caution that most of the parents shows regarding the acquisition of trekking equipment for their kids, find the best toddler hiking shoes is first in the list of the highest priorities of them, because one of the most important pieces regarding safety when going to the wilderness with kids without a doubt is their footwear.

Luckily the offer of this kind of shoe is quite ample and the probability to find the right article for your individual child is very high. In this article we have tried  to compile an array of products that we consider to be great value, and at the same time offer a considerable number of different choices to help you to buy an article that displays the conditions that you think that are indispensable in the shoes that your toddler is going to wear in your hiking adventures.

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