How to Clean Satin Shoes

Many people like to wear satin shoes for special occasions, particularly for weddings and other formal events. Satin is a delicate material thus to know how to clean satin shoes that is really useful to preserve your shoes properly. Unfortunately satin has some tendency to lift up stains from other types of clothes that could be stored nearby. To avoid this, it is a good idea to keep them in an individual container far away from cloths that can release any form of tarnish.

Often producers of satin shoes place a label inside the shoes explaining, which is the adequate manner to clean your satin shoes. Also is common to see in their labels indications about what procedures and materials should be avoided when cleaning satin shoes. The first recommendation that you are going to see in most of places is that no matter what, you would never wash the satin shoes using a laundry machine, because it is almost sure that when doing it, the shoes will be damaged beyond repair. So any method that you should think about, would consider only cleaning the satin shoes by hand, using extremely soft detergent ,and in an extremely soft way.

How to Clean Badgley Mischka Satin Shoes

For starter the priority when you buy such a luxurious satin shoes is to put a lot of attention in the way that are storage and in that sense Badgley Mischka gives you a dust-bag to keep them clean and avoid to have to clean them often. Also the special kind of care that these kinds of shoes need is normally explicated for the sellers and in this case the company is not an exception.

Anyways it is important to underline that satin should never be washed using water or soap, and in the case that you have done it, you probably will notice that some water stains had appear in your shoes and unfortunately those marks are extremely tricky to get rid of, and frequently look worst that the dirty spots that you want to repair.

The right way to clean these top notch products, is by brushing the possible tinge and polish it with a really smooth fabric. As a last resource, you can take your satin shoes to be cleaned by a dry cleaner that have experience in these kinds of cores.

Finally, as we have mentioned before, cleaning Badgley Mischka satin shoes should be never be done using a washing machine.

How to Clean Satin Shoes with Vodka

To clean satin shoes with vodka is another option to consider if you want your satin shoes to look as new. Pure Vodka tends to work better as a stain management. The most important is that the Vodka should be pure and never use one of those colored or flavored spirits. If you apply the following recommendations, you should be able to solve the problems regarding your satin shoes.

Pour three parts of water and one part of vodka within a spray bottle. Shake the bottle until the content is well mixed. Then, spray the surface of the shoes with the mix and wait for the liquid to make its job. After that, brush softly the stains on the shoes using a cloth. Finally place your satin shoes in a shade area until become dried. The advantage of this method is that is simple and works very well. Even though, you will see that the marks don’t disappear instantly they vanish as the vodka starts to work.

Some people recommends to avoid rubbing their satin shoes and wait some time until they are dried to watch if that work well.

This procedure nevertheless is unconventional, is used for many people that are fans of satin shoes.

How to Clean Satin Ballet Shoes

Satin ballet shoes must be hand washed. The method is similar with the one that you use for canvas satin shoes, but due that the ballet satin shoes are much more delicate you should be extra careful when washing them. The reshaping and drying process is also the same as the used in the canvas shoes method.

Regarding pointe shoes you have to be even more cautious because these shoes come with a block in the toe to support the dancer when she performs pointe positions. This compressed cardboard and paper if submerged would be definitely damaged. Normally the pointe shoes start to be used when the instructor see that the girl is ready to start to learn the pointe techniques and use of the very demanding skills necessary to use them.

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