How To Clean Bottom of Shoes



Plastic Knife

Liquid Dish Soap


Beating the Shoes Together

Be careful and place the shoes in an appropriate area to avoid making a mess.

In order to untie and remove bunches of soil, dried mud, and any substances that could have become encrusted on the step, grasp a shoe in each hand and beat the soles jointly vigorously.

Get rid of the Excess Dirt With a Plastic Knife

Rub away any residual dirt with a plastic knife or something alike. Excavate any dust that could remain in the gaps after the initial beating with the tip of the knife focusing on fissures, channels, and other shapes where the undesirable substance can be attached.

Although this can be time consuming the effort an patient invested in this core really worth it, because scraping out constantly sticking dirt by hand it is by far the best way to clean the button of your shoes.

Rub Strongly with a Toothbrush to Remove any Remaining

In order to reach more difficult areas of the button of the shoes apply a toothbrush strongly in that sort of spots. Use the tooth over the bottom surface back and forth. This will allow the hairs of the brush clean out easily the bits that are connected too strongly in the tramp for the plastic knife to reach them.

This is the most efficient method when the shoes have a more intricate sole pattern that displays many diverse forms.

Strong Rub with the Brush

Finally brush strongly with a brush until you get the desired result that you were looking for how to clean the button of  shoes.



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