Best Bowling Shoes For Women

Bowling is a sport that people particularly love for leisure. But for some, it’s their life. The query is what are the best bowling shoes for women in the market? It not only helps us to pass time but also produces unforgettable memories. Like any other athletic activity, it demands appropriate clothes to guarantee a stronger performance. When it comes to bowling, the most significant piece of equipment is the bowling ball. They have bowling shoes in second place.

Getting a good pair of bowling shoes is essential particularly if you’re a serious bowler. Luckily there are uncountable bowling shoes in the market. But because there are several products to choose from, it’s a bit challenging for bowlers to pick the right ladies bowling shoe.

I’ve analyzed the bowling shoes which you can find nowadays on the market.

In this review, I’ve provided all the women’s bowling shoes at affordable rates, and also let you informed about the benefits and drawbacks of each model so you can choose the best one womens bowling shoes with interchangeable soles.

What Need to Consider Before Buying Bowling Shoes?

Before purchasing the bowling shoe, you should know what makes a good bowling shoe?

Here are the key features that you need to be aware of for the bowling shoes.

1. Durability

is surely one of the key factors that you need to understand. If you do have the proper shoes, though, you’ll save a good amount of money.

2. Inner Sole

Memory foam is the best solution for players enduring from foot diseases, but it can also be quite pricey. On the other hand, Polyurethane is cheap but it doesn’t necessarily mold the feet into shape.

3. Outer Sole

Sliding is an integral part of the game and the strategy in the bowling game. The outer sole is to be made of rubber for better sliding.

4. Ventilation

When you play extended stints without changing your socks, ventilation is important and a key feature.

5. Toe

If your strategy involves slipping in motion on your foot, you’ll need to check for a stubbed toe.

Types of Bowling Shoes

There are different shoe types which are intended exclusively for bowling. If you’re a skilled bowler, then having the best type of bowling shoes for women is crucial. These types include:

1. Rental bowling shoes

These are the bowling alley shoes generally found in any bowling alley. They are great for those bowlers who only bowl out with mates once or twice a year on a rare occasion.

2. Athletic bowling shoes

Bowling shoes in athletic style is one of the best ways to use for beginners as well as for advanced walking shoes also come to know bowlers as pro bowling shoes.

3. Performance bowling shoes

These are the bowling shoes for those interested in leagues and would want to participate in tournaments.

Where do you Buy Bowling Shoes From?

 Most sports stores offer bowling shoes. However, if you are searching for a costly pair of bowling shoes then you might start looking at specialist sports outlets, or even online at Amazon.

Amazon is the best place to buy bowling shoes, as it offers a wide range of bowling shoes from the cheaper athletic style to expensive performance shoes.

The 10 Best Bowling Shoes For Women

BSI Women's ClassicLace-upleather 10/9.9 Check Price!
Dexter Dani Bowling Lace-upSynthetic10/8.8 Check Price!
Dexter Women’s KristenLace to toeSynthetic10/9.8 Check Price!
Dexter Kerrie Bowling patternTextile10/9.5 Check Price!
KEEN Women's Presidio lace-up leather10/8.6 Check Price!
Karma Ladies Bowling lace-up Textile10/8.7 Check Price!
Dexter Women’s SuzanaSnake skin printTextile10/8.8 Check Price!
Dexter Vicky Bowling lace-up Synthetic10/7.9 Check Price!
BSI Women's 460lace-up leather10/8.8 Check Price!
Hammer Women’s Vixenlace-up Synthetic10/7.8 Check Price!

Bowling Shoes For Women Reviews

Most women’s shoes are available on the markets to wear as bowling shoes by multiple brands. Some goods outweigh others and vice versa. It is all up to you, what kind of design you want!

I listed 10 best women’s bowls shoes below, so you should get an idea and make the absolute best decision!

1. BSI Women’s Classic – Bowling Shoe

Ideal Choice for a bowler in the beginner or league Player

BSI Women's Classic Bowling Shoe

Check Price At Amazon

Such bowling shoes have a conventional style. Additionally, they are crafted of synthetic leather and have good ventilation and breathability which could avoid the sudden build-up. The artificial leather, in fact, seems to be incredibly durable for prolonged usage.

This great bowling shoe has the features of upper leather and standard microfiber sliding sole with rubber outsole. It has ultra-soft sock lining that provides both comfort and relaxation.

The BSI Women’s classic shoe is the ideal option for a bowler in the beginner or league. Its inexpensive price, solid fit, and finish and stylish style make an excellent choice to purchase. Hence, this is the best bowling shoe for women league players.

What we Like
  • High-quality construction
  • Good weight and nice design
  • Strong upper and sole
  • Versatile and easy to maintain
What we Did Not Like
  • Lack of life span but not a bad choice at a reasonable price.
  • Only available in two colors: White & Purple

2. Dexter Dani Bowling Shoes

Very friendly and helpful for beginners to improve efficiency

Dexter Dani Bowling Shoes

Check Price At Amazon

Nothing comes near to the Dexter collection when it comes to style in ladies’ bowling sneakers. A standout feature is the U-Throat top design with lace-up design. The heels have been established and it has a rubber outsole with no markings. With the universal S8, both left and right-handed players can wear the Dani with a microfiber layout.

The upper has a canvas construction that looks cool and lightweight. There are vents to keep your feet breathing all the time. A standout feature is the U-Throat top pattern with lace-up design. The heels defined and it has a non-marking rubber outsole. With the universal S8, microfiber design both left and right-handed players can wear the Dani. Having a torque color, this shoe looks great.

 These Dexter women’s bowling shoes are one of the best women’s bowling shoes and aim to improve efficiency. They can be worn by both pros and beginners, and are very friendly and helpful.

What we Like
  • Good price
  • Plenty of different sizes
  • These shoes feature rubber that doesn’t mark stuff up
  • Padded toe, collar, and microfiber insole
  • provide some very good support and help
What we Did Not Like
  • There is a conflict in its fitting.

3. Dexter Women’s Kristen – Bowling Shoes

Very sleek design for Comfort Women’s Collection

Dexter Women’s Kristen Bowling Shoes

Check Price At Amazon

The Dexter Kristen shoes are another outstanding pair of bowling shoes from a proven, reputable brand.

Dexter keeps on designing very sleek women’s bowling shoes. Introduction of the Dexter Women’s Kristen Bowling Shoes as a component of the Comfort Collection by Dexter is a great bowling shoe.

This Dexter shoe has fabric-lined universal soles and involved nubuck fabric. It is available in Dove grey color with a pattern of lace-up closure. It has molded removable blown EVA footbed and proper breathability to make it odor and sweat-free.

These are the best bowling shoes with interchangeable soles for women.

What we Like
  • Great support
  • Comfy
  • Removable soles
What we Did Not Like
  • Stiff shoe with no flexibility
  • Expensive

4. Dexter Kerrie Bowling Shoes

Stability and balance bowling Shoe for Womens lasts long hours

Dexter Kerrie Bowling Shoes

Check Price At Amazon

This shoe has a fabric of denim form on the upper side which makes it lovely. The sole is felt and gives one the necessary stability and balance while bowling. It is cozy and can take long hours to wear.

The Kerrie bowling shoes for women have a basic design made of lightweight canvas material. The footwear has a well-padded interior, collar, and tongue with a CVO upper pattern. The EVA molded footbed is removable, and it has side vents to keep the feet ventilated. With the outsole, you get the best traction on any surface. The gray twill color is astounding, and the slide soles have a universal design suitable for left and right-handed bowlers.

These sneakers should be flawless for the bigger intermediate players and their amazing longevity means they’ll last you for a few years.

What we Like
  • Good quality and nice design
  • Firm grip and slip-resistant
  • Lightweight and durable
  • High performance
What we Did Not Like
  • Not ideal for wider feet
  • Includes a short break-in period

5. KEEN Women’s Presidio Shoe

Impresive design offering convenience Womens Shoe Pair 

KEEN Women's Presidio Shoe

Check Price At Amazon

Women’s KEEN shoes provides high safety measures for feet. Heavy duty design and material which is enclose with the comfort make is perfect choice for women.

A modern women’s shoes is basically a redesign of previous classic oxford, the Smart Women’s Presidio Casual Shoe provide you fully comfort and give protection to  your feet. Lace up pattern and sports look make is comfortable and easy wearing.

This shoes is very durable and upper is made of leather also have mesh linings for breathability. You might also see foam footbeds with recycle material that mold to feet. EVA midsoles provide additional cushioning and support and friction on different surfaces is provided by rubber outsoles.

Its beauty is enhanced by traditional Oxford lace design and fabric lining. It has side vents for breathability and has the facility of removable soles.

Keen Presidio is roomy in the toe box and has moderate protection, making it best for wider feet. There are two different colors choices to choose from: black/pink or brown and tan.

What we Like
  • Affordable
  • Comfortable
  • Perfect arch support
  • User-friendly
  • Toe box with roomy fit
  • Water-resistant
  • Removable insoles
What we Did Not Like
  • Rigid upper
  • Not good quality

6. Karma Ladies Bowling Shoe

Best quality shoes forever in very mid-high budget range

Karma Ladies Bowling Shoe

Check Price At Amazon

Brunswick is one of the bowling industry’s most known brands. It is famous for its bowling equipment of high quality.

These women’s shoes offer and are accessible in the mid-high budget range. This footwear has the additional bonus of merely looking like a standard shoe and is a very comfy and lightweight layout.

The sneaker is breathable, comfortable, and stylish and has a denim upper pinstripe printed lining. The outsole comprises of rubber, and the pure microfiber on the slide sole gives you the best glide. Both the footwear has slide soles and the collar and tongues padded. You can buy the Karma in two closure styles slip-on or lace-ups. It has a padded collar and tongue with upper mesh for proper breathability.

 Because this product comes from Brunswick, it’s an assurance you won’t be dismayed with this bowling shoe’s quality.

What we Like
  • Stylish
  • Best for a bowling alley
  • Slip-on design
  • Extremely comfortable
  • Available in multiple sizes
What we Did Not Like
  • Too wide for narrow feet
  • Lace design can’t secure the feet properly
  • Lack of durability

7. Dexter Women’s Suzana – Bowling Shoes

One of trendy, performance-based women’s bowling shoes

Dexter Women’s Suzana Bowling Shoes

Check Price At Amazon

Bringing comfort and efficiency to new heights is the aim of Dexter.  The Dexter Suzana Bowling Shoes is a trendy, performance-based women’s bowling shoe with a slip-on pattern for ultimate comfort. It has a low profile for increased stability, feels, and strength. It is the absolute bowler’s shoe.

This is the first bowling shoe that is a true slip on and the first bowling shoe to have a snake print pattern. The Dexter Suzana Bowling Shoes is a stylish, performance-based women’s bowling shoe with a slip-on pattern for ultimate convenience design, nonmarking rubber sole, flexible lightweight construction, and a low profile for greater stability feel and power. It’s the complete shoe for the complete bowler. It has S8 microfiber slide soles and side vents for breathability and molded EVA blown removable footbed is the great feature this shoe possesses.

 The Dexter Suzana bowling shoes are Dexter’s top-end deal and that is reflected in the price sensibly. These are the perfect bowling shoes for both casual bowlers and pros.

What we Like
  • Perfectly fit in size
  • Perfect for women bowling shoes for a league bowler
  • Slip-on shoe
  • Comfortable
What we Did Not Like
  • Expensive

8. Dexter Vicky Bowling – Vicky Silver

Accurate to fit with attractive style for female outfits

Dexter Vicky Bowling Vicky Silver

Check Price At Amazon

The Vicky has a simple, but high-quality design, priced at a cheap price. The attractive style appeals to many female shoppers and incorporates a cozy soft interior. The shoe outsole has a rubber layer in it. For a great slide, the sliding soles made with S8 microfibre stuff.

This shoe has a soft, durable man-made upper with a nonmarking outsole. The outsole of the footwear has a rubber structure. The sliding soles made with S8 microfiber material for a perfect glide. It also possesses EVA midsole. Maybe you are a novice or a veteran roller; the Vicky will offer you an excellent performance. On the sneaker, there are metallic accents with a U-Throat upper pattern with a defined horseshoe heel.

The Vicky shoes are made of superior quality, comfortable fabrics, and are accurate to fit. You’re going to know you’re carrying a sneaker shoe and not a bowling pair!

What we Like
  • Great bowling shoes
  • Attractive and comfortable
  • Offers decent support
  • Provides great fit
What we Did Not Like
  • Discomfort for big feet
  • Rigid to wear

9. BSI Women’s 460 Bowling Shoe

One of the great suitable shoe pair for both skilled and untrained ladies 

BSI Women's 460 Bowling Shoe

Check Price At Amazon

Another inexpensive Women’s BSI range bowling shoe is # 460. The combination of white and pink is trendy, and the shoe is ideal for any bowler novice to the league. The shade sparkles at a reasonable price and has a robust build. The outsole is structured in a rubber outsole with intrinsic sliding sole and the upper leather.

Another affordable bowling shoe for women in the BSI range is #460. The white and pink color is stylish, and the footwear is perfect for any beginner to league bowler. You can buy the BSI shoe in white/pink and white/purple. The outsole has a rubber compound structure with an underlying sliding sole and leather upper. Your feet will feel comfortable in plush sock lining. Rubber outsole with microfiber inner sole is a great blend.

This shoe is suitable for ladies; is very popular in the sector. It is worn by players who are both skilled and untrained and arrives with a prevalent slide to satisfy many players.

What we Like
  • Works great even for a wider foot
  • High-quality inexpensive bowling shoes
  • Perfect for beginners
  • Sleek and stylish design
What we Did Not Like
  • Only available in wide sizes
  • Not the best one, but good for that price

10. Hammer Women’s Vixen – Bowling Shoes

Pretty lightweight overall designed to improve efficiency & comfort

Hammer Women’s Vixen Bowling Shoes

Check Price At Amazon

The Hammer Women’s Vixen is the first high-performance Hammer’s bowling shoe. This shoe comes filled with specifications designed to improve both efficiency and comfort.

This bowling shoe has a soft, durable microfiber upper with EVA outsole for a light and comfortable fit. Ortholite 3D Deluxe Insole for maximum breathability and cushioning and for maximum breathability, it has padded collar and tongue. It is biomechanically engineered for ultimate comfort and performance. This shoe provides 2-Year Warranty and is available in White/Black/ and White/Mint.

 Thanks to a lightweight rubber sole and the synthetic content used best all round shoes are pretty lightweight overall.

What we Like
  • Lightweight
  • Comfortable
  • Attractive design
  • Perfect fit
  • Great arch support
  • Awesome slide
What we Did Not Like
  • Available in minimum colors
  • Only for right-handed player

Closing Thoughts!

Bowling shoes are among the most efficient instruments in any professional bowler’s kit and with the best bowling shoes. Your results and your game can be enhanced very significantly.

We listed 10 best bowling shoes for women. So, if you are looking for good shoes then before going to purchase must check this site review and comparison that you will give you good enough detail to check the quality.

While all these shoes have a great style with incredible features, nothing more amazed us than the DEXTER KERRIE, which is perfect for beginners and professional bowlers. The shoe has the same universal slide sole as all other top-rated bowling shoes.

Consequently, please ensure that you read the customer reviews before you purchase a product, and then actually buy it. Good Luck!

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