What are Gymnastics Shoes?

Beam shoes or Gymnastics shoes like most of the people call them, are like slippers but tighter and normally they come with some kind of material at the bottom to prevent the user to be affected by undesired slipping. These types of shoes are often seen worn by elite gymnastics athletes when performing their routines, and their goal is to avoid any harm that can be caused by for example the tumbling and ​vaulting or pounding on the balance beam.

The main advantage of wearing Gymnastics Shoes is that they really help to cushion the feet of the athletes and when they execute numerous flipping, jumps and leaps in their training or when participating in competitions. They help to avoid injuries when gymnasts suffer falls from the beam, making them to feel safer when presenting their demonstration.

Even though for many people these type of footwear are extremely useful, there are also performers that don’t feel comfortable when using them, due that they don’t like the feeling of having something on their feet or even have an aversion to the lack of their direct contact of their feet with the floor or the beam.

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