How to Paint Suede Shoes

How to Paint Suede ShoesPainting does a wonderful job of making something look nicer and more artistic. It can cover scrapes, blemishes, and whatnot in a single coating. It’s not surprising that one would like to paint their suede shoes. The reasons may vary from covering nicks and damages to simply wanting an aesthetic look at infant baby boy sandals. Though how to paint suede shoes without messing it up? The answer to that lies in understanding how painting suede works.

How Does Paint Work on Suede?

When it comes to painting suede shoes, you can try about any paint though, only after you have tested it out first on a scrap piece of suede. This will not only allow you to test the success rate of the painting method that you are about to use but also allow you to see the results that you are going to get. One thing that you need to remember with painting suede is that there is no going back later so make sure that you actually do a patch test first.

The best options How to Paint Suede Shoes at hand, when it comes to painting are,

  • Spray paints
  • Acrylic paints
  • Fabric paints

For designing the suede shoes you can use white eyeliner as it can be easily washed with water compared to using pencil or charcoal.

How to Spray Paint Suede Shoes?

Spray painting suede shoes is the easiest way there is to paint them. All you’d need is a top quality spray paint and you are ready to go. The reason why spray paints are more suitable for this is that they can paint your shoes evenly without ruining them. Moreover, have a look at the Best summer shoes for toddlers, they last longer than acrylic paints.


There are multiple techniques for spray painting on your suede shoes. You can use various stencils, patterns, designs in order to achieve your desired results. Moreover, you can also cover the areas that you don’t want to paint.

The only thing you’d want to be careful with though is to not spray too much as it may ruin the nap. What you need to do is How to Paint Suede Shoes to try not to stay in one place for too long but before that, you need to make sure you are undisturbed. Properly cover the areas that you don’t want to paint and make sure you are in an undisturbed space as a little disturbance can shake your hand.

How to Choose spray paint?

While choosing the spray paint that you want to use, make sure you go for top quality product. You can specifically go for the spray paints that are meant to cover suede and fabric materials. The spray paints meant for metals may not work well with fabric. On the other hand, if you are going to paint fake suede shoes then painting fake suede shoes is a bit easier since the material of those shoes is not as porous as the real leather one. Moreover, it is made out of plastic materials. You’d also need a good spray nozzle.

Lastly, also go ahead time on Wide Width garden shoes, you’d need to do test runs for checking the sputtering or clogging of the sprayer. This will allow you to analyze possible mishaps beforehand. Once you get a hang of it, you can go for using it on the shoes.

How to Paint suede shoes using acrylic paints?

While using spray paints to paint your suede shoes is the easiest option, it doesn’t mean that you don’t have other ways to do it. Though, you really need to watch out for the runs. Runs happen when you overdo one specific spot. Using acrylic paint is an option but it doesn’t last too long so you might have to keep repainting your shoes. Moreover, liquid paints tend to soak deep into suede material and it’s difficult to get paint out of suede shoes, so once the paint goes on there’s no coming back easily.

To paint the suede shoes with acrylic paint, consider the following steps toddler flip flops with back strap on How to Paint Suede Shoes.

  • Make sure the shoes are nice and clean
  • Brush the suede and wipe with white vinegar
  • Let them dry
  • Mix the acrylic paint with fabric medium so that the paint can adhere to the shoe flexibly
  • Paint your shoes after covering the areas that you don’t want to paint
  • Use a clean cloth to dab or wipe the paint
  • Don’t use a toothbrush as it can leave marks
  • Let the shoes dry naturally

How to Get Paint Off of Suede Shoes

Oil based paint stains can be removed with a few techniques if done properly. Here are few steps that you can use in order to remove paint from suede shoes.

  • Scrape gently as this will remove the excess paint
  • Mix and swish a solution of soap in lukewarm water to create suds
  • Use a sponge to only apply the foam
  • Wipe it clean with a dry cloth to remove the stains

If the stains continue to persist How to Paint Suede Shoes then try using cleaners. Normally this would do the job but if it doesn’t then you can go for a dry cleaning solvent. Though, patch test everything before use and make sure to buy leather-friendly cleaners.

How Do You Dye Suede?

Suede dyes are of two categories

  1. The dyes that you spray on
  2. The dyes that you rub on

Using suede spray dyes requires more skill compared to using dyes that you can easily rub on. Though, if held at the right angle and distance, spray dyes are really good at their jobs. However, if you feel that spraying is not your forte then it is better to go for something that you can easily apply.

The rub-on dyes can be easily applied with daubers, rushed, or what applicator you prefer How to Paint Suede Shoes to use. Some companies tend to include a complimentary dauber with their products, other times you need to buy one. However, toothbrushes are one of the most widely used inexpensive alternatives to daubers. As for what is the best dye for suede shoes, a dye can be only as good as its applicator.


When using dyes, make sure to wear gloves and work slowly. The best dyes can easily penetrate leather and have a permanent impact. This also means that they will have a similar impact on your skin. So make sure to be careful with the dyes. With dyes, you can also use them to paint black suede shoes. This is normally not easy since painting works from lighter to darker colors but suede dyes allow it either way.


Apply consistently, applying inconsistently might make some places appear more saturated than the others and uneven sections can impact the finishing look. Apply in small circular strokes to avoid blotches and let each coat dry before applying the next. Lastly, try not to dye one pair more than once as it can do irreparable damage to the leather.


There are various options available to you in order How to Paint Suede Shoes. You can use acrylic paints, liquid paints, spray paints, and dyes. The main trick is to choose the right paint that works well with suede. Do remember that painting suede can be an irreversible process as it is not easy to remove paint from suede shoes once done.

So make sure you do a patch test on scrap suede before applying anything directly. Lastly, consider your options for Baby walking shoes with ankle support properly as there are a lot of good brands of paints and sprays out there. Go for something that is designed to work well with suede and handle it carefully.


How to remove paint from suede shoes?

Different methods and techniques are available through you can remove the pain from suede shoes. Suede actually a kind of leather that is much softer than leather.

  • Act immediately as you can when you get a stain of paint.
  • Through cotton or any fabric scoop all the paint from the shoes as you can.
  • For older stains of paint that get dry use the plastic knife to scrape it.

How to get paint off suede shoes?

As I already told you that how to get paint off from suede shoes, like using the dry fabric to scoop the paint, Mix and swish the soap solution, the complete process is mention above.

How to paint faux suede shoes?

Synthetic colorant is a process through which you can paint faux suede shoes. Through the use of natural materials like cotton, fabric, and hemp you can paint and dye the suede faux.



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