How Many Shoes Should I Own

I’m going to be answering a question which I have been asked several times before How Many Shoes Should I Own? Well, that partially depends on the situation. You don’t want to be caught in the middle of a situation where you don’t have the right pair for what you are about to do (it can often happen a few minutes before you leave your house).

It’s easy to spend a lot of your monthly income on shoes but what if you could remind yourself that buying a new pair doesn’t have to mean completely giving up your old ones? By looking at it this way, you should be able to get back your focus and instead make affordable shoe decisions – even when you’re traveling. To answer the question about How Many Shoes Should I Own really needs, ask yourself two questions:

1) how likely are you to wear these?

2) How well can they go with various outfits or occasion styles in addition to how many other items do I already own? Then, start exploring the different types of shoes online or read some shoe blogs so that you’ll be inspired by how far technology has reached in terms of comfort. This could very well prompt you into purchasing an entirely new style for each pair for example!

How Many Shoes Should I Own? Whether or not you’ll need four pairs of dress shoes can depend on your lifestyle and what you do for a living. For example, do you need to look smart 24-7 if you work in a kitchen? Probably not, but if the answer is yes would you then be able to justify the extra costs?

How Many Pairs Of Shoes Do You Need?

Every man should own between 10 to 20 pairs of shoes depending on their day-to-day activities, the weather and where they’re going. These are the appropriate numbers of shoes to buy according to your needs:

Dress Shoes – 1 to 2 pairs
Casual Shoes – 2 to 3 pairs
Running Sneakers – At least one pair if you run
Gym Sneakers – At least one pair if you exercise
Casual Sneakers – 2 to 3 pairs
Boots – 2 to 3 pairs
Outdoor Shoes – 1 to 2 pairs
Sandals – At least one pair
Flip-Flops – At least one pair
Slippers – At least one pair

How Many Shoes Should I Own When buying a new pair of shoes, it’s best to purchase those that provide optimum value for the price. Because let’s be honest. If you’re a busy person looking to make smart decisions, you’d want to walk around in great footwear all day, right? It’s important to consider crucial factors such as:

  • What will I be wearing them with?
  • Could they work with multiple outfits?
  • Can they work well with different occasions?
  • Do I have a similar pair already in good condition?

How Many Shoes Should I Own? The first rule when shoe shopping is deciding whether you need a shoe that will look good on your feet or one that will work for multiple situations. It has to be functional without looking too awkward when out and about. Because the last thing you want is to have a closet full of shoes that have the same purpose it’s essential to keep this in mind when making decisions about the brands and styles of footwear you choose to go within the long run.


A minimalist should own at least five types of shoes. One pair of dress shoes is great for special occasions where you might want to wear something more formal/elegant. Plus, it’s always important to be well-dressed for a job interview or any type of formal event. A casual pair of shoes are good for when you go out with your friends and family or even work around the house. You can never go wrong with the classic Chuck Taylors sneaker! And lastly, a good pair of running shoes are ideal for those days before your evening run when it’s not so warm outside, but certainly not cool enough that you would need snow boots or warm socks.

How Many Shoes Should I Own? No, 20 different pairs of shoes are not a lot if you own several types that are specifically intended for various occasions. Consider the example of nine distinct dress shoes in varying colors such as black, brown, and blue. The truth is while three colors may be enough to serve your purposes, wearing black every single day would be somewhat monotonous. This would mean that one really only needs one to three colors at most – perhaps four if we account for some extenuating circumstances like bold summer days where neon hues might work well with white pants or bright-colored swim trunks on the beach.

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