Best Summer Shoes For Toddlers

When it comes to your kids, you want nothing but the best summer shoes for toddlers. Now that your infant is finally upgraded to a walking toddler, they need a new pair of shoes that help them taking initial steps. Being parents, It is our responsibility to ensure we choose the right and visually pretty baby shoes to strap our new scavengers steadfastly.

Buying shoes for kids is often a debate on aesthetics and practicality.  You crave comfortable and practical walking shoes. But,  your children holler for the shimmers, and the glowing bottoms. However, when it falls to deciding the perfect children’s shoes, you want safe, durable, and versatile comfortable toddler shoes.

As summer is around the corner, so getting the perfect summer shoes for your little one is necessary. I have traversed different brands to find the best summer shoes for toddlers. Following is the list of the top 10 best summer.

What Need to Know Buying Summer Shoes for Toddlers?

Before purchasing the toddler’s summer shoes, you have to take some considerations into account. The summer footwear is supposed to be cozy, breathable, and have a broad toe for comfortable movement.

A lightweight and slip-resistant sole is required to sustain foot bending. As the skin of the kid is gentle and delicate, lined sandals are one of the key considerations to remember as well. Since your toddler just started to get familiar with shoes, so you need an easy to slip-on and safe clamping sandals.

As summers last long so you need children’s summer shoes that have enough room to last all season. The summer season comes up with the perks of water splashes and pools. So you need shoes that are water-friendly and quickly driable for outdoor fun.

The 11 Best Summer Waterproof Shoes for Toddlers

Baby Girls Toddler InfantPull Up closureLeather10/9.8 Check Price!
Native Charlie GlitterDual hook-and-loopManmade10/9.8 Check Price!
Bebe Toddler Girl Back ZipperLeather10/9.7 Check Price!
Saltwater Hoye ShoeDual strap Leather10/8.5 Check Price!
Stride Rite BabyDouble hook & loopLeather10/8.6 Check Price!
Adidas Kids’ AdiletteOpen Synthetic10/9.3 Check Price!
Stride Rite SRTechClosed toeLeather10/8.4 Check Price!
VILOCY Kid's Gardenheel strap Synthetic10/9.5 Check Price!
Crocs Kids CrocbandDual hook-and-loopManmade10/8.6 Check Price!
HOBIBEAR Toddler BoysClosed toeLeather10/7.5 Check Price!
BODATU Summer OutdoorClosed toeSynthetic10/9.2 Check Price!

Summer Shoes for Kids Reviews 2022

Taking the above considerations for best outdoor summer shoes for toddlers into account, we have gathered the list of ten best summer shoes for toddlers.

1. Baby Girls Toddler Infant – Leather Summer Sandals

Lightweight, super-cute, and comfortable toddler summer sandals

best outdoor summer shoes for toddlers

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Urban virgin is providing the best sandals for toddlers from the last eight years. Their shoes are lightweight, breathable, convenient, trendy, and economical. If you’d like to buy the toddler’s next footwear, they will Baby Girl’s be a good option.

These Urban virgin sandals come in a variety of colours and designs. They feature a toe-hold design in white, khaki, and pink color. A black bow-knot design and a frilled top-toe design in the textured fabric is available in black and red. A gold-tassel design and a closed toe flower design is available in four different colors.

All of These sandals share lightweight PU leather and comfortable cotton covering. These sandals carry a soft cushioned and anti-slip sole, which delivers the necessary grip and holds of the shoes. They also lug a Velcro strap, which provides a snug fit and comfortable on and off of shoes. Your baby girl can carry these lightweight shoes all day long without getting irritated.

This lightweight, super-cute, and comfortable toddler sandals with its variety of colors and designs can be perfect summer sandals for your baby girl. These sandals are the best upgrade for the baby girls who want to pair up with trendy and stylish footwear this summer.

What we Like
  • Hook and loop strap with pull up closure
  • Lightweight and breathable
  • Non- slip sole
  • Top-quality PU leather material
  • Variety of colours and designs
  • Cushioned and anti-slip sole
What we Did Not Like
  • Limited to infants and toddlers up to 2 years of age only
  • Designed for girls

2. Native Charlie Glitter – Water-friendly Toddler Sandal

Comfortable pair for little feet with super grippy for all-day fun and water-friendly

best summer waterproof shoes for toddlers

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If you want to sparkle up little steps of your baby girl with something glittery and shiny, then these native Charlie glitter sandals are best to choose. The NATIVE brand is PETA approved, an animal-friendly vegan brand that doesn’t even use animal hair.

These sparkling sandals encompass man-crafted shimmer embellished PU leather top. With its adjustable double Velcro straps, it brings a snug fit for every type of feet. So it can even make the best summer shoes for toddlers with wide feet. These sandals are pretty roomy, which can be perfect for the growing feet toddlers.

These sandals are super grippy and comfortable with its EVA double-layer textured insole covering. It also offers a secure and slide-free walk to your toddler with a contoured EVA non-slip sole. To all the little muddy activities, these water-friendly pool mates could be carried.

A lovely comfortable textured Vibram sole in this gleaming sandal designed with quick-on braces and a breathable contoured sole gives support to little feet through all-day fun. These sandals can be best summer shoes for toddler girls with wide feet, as they are roomy with dual straps adjustments and provide a snug fit with the super grippy and water-friendly sole.

What we Like
  • Dual Hook-and-loop strap
  • Non- slip sole
  • EVA foam linings
  • Airflow for the feet
  • Water-friendly summer shoes
  • Perfect for wide feet toddlers
  • Contoured outsole
What we Did Not Like
  • Have wide straps with a small bottom
  • Velcro wears off after sometime rf
  • Designed for girls only

3. Bebe Toddler Girl – Gladiator Back Zipper Sandal

Trendy, stylish looking lightweight, sturdy, and breathable baby girl sandal for summer fun

best summer shoes for toddler girl

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If you want to dive into a classic boho-chic fashion with a perfect Roman-inspired kids summer shoes than these Bebe toddler girl gladiator sandals is what you should get.

These Modern and trendy sandals decorated with buckle belts put a chic bohemian theme into a gladiator-inspired design for your little girl. These sandals are inserted on a lightweight and sturdy sole along with back zipper style built to carry the foot through the heel to toe—these strappy sandals are mixing master artistry with the best of luxury.

These sandals are carried out with 100% vegan leather and is animal-friendly. These sandals are Suitable for someone who wishes to stop wildlife cruelty and ecologically sound products. These sandals are available in three colours, which are cognac, black and white color.

These sandals are the best outdoor summer shoes for toddler girls to pair up with jeans, skirts, tops, etc.

These Bebe Toddler Kids Vegan Leather sandals with 100% Polyurethane leather and Gladiator Style Pierced Silhouette Straps are essential summer shoes for little girls. These sandals can be the best summer shoes for toddlers. Its lightweight, sturdy, and breathable structure provides all-day summer fun. These sandals are a perfect pick if you want trendy and stylish looking shoes for your baby girl.

What we Like
  • Thrice buckled strap adjustment
  • Easy slip-on with zipper back
  • Non- slip sole
  • Trendy boho-chic style
  • Full toe to heel covering
  • Vegan leather composition
What we Did Not Like
  • Runs big to size
  • Designed for girls only

4. Saltwater Hoye Shoe – The Original Sandals

Great pick perfect flat summer sandals for summer days and outdoor aquatic pleasure

best summer shoes for toddlers with wide feet

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If you want a wow factor, fun in the sun sandals for your baby girl, then consider buying these saltwater sandals by hoy shoe. They are manufacturing sandals from the genuine leftover leather since 1944.

These saltwater sandals are rendered with authentic upper leather set on rubber stitched bottoms. They are the perfect flat sandal with a variety of colors. They continue to set in, with regular wear to the shape of the foot.

These Salt Water Sandal by Hoy is everything for summer days and outdoor aquatic pleasure. These tangled structured sandals offer to be carried in or out of the water with water-friendly leather so that your sweet moment will not pause to fret over damaging the footwear. A snapped ankle brace holds feet in place and provides necessary grip on shoes, which keeps you from worrying about shoes falling off.

NOTE: To correctly break-in, it recommends soaking them in warm water for a few minutes, and then wearing them until they dry.

These stylish sandals blend luxury, elegance, and versatility, making them best summer water-proof shoes for toddlers for wearing on the seaside, on the water splashes, etc. These sandals can be best shoes for toddlers in the summer because of its slip-resistant sole and a water-friendly leather upper.

What we Like
  • Water shoes
  • Non-slip sole
  • Adjustable buckle straps
  • Made of Genuine leather
  • Long-lasting and durable
  • Multiple colors available
What we Did Not Like
  • No cushioned insole
  • Difficult sizing
  • No unisex

5. Stride Rite Baby – Girl’s SR Naomi

Fashionable Braided strap high-quality leather-strapped sandal for first walkers of your little doll

comfortable toddler sandals

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If you want to be chic and fashionable at the first walkers of your little doll, then you can go for these Stride Rite Baby Girl’s SR Naomi Sandals.

Those little sandals are produced with a high-quality leather-strapped upper along with a sturdy bottom. Braided strap at the midsole depicts a girly look. With dual Hook-and-loop closing, they are simple to put on and off and adjustable to the desired fit.

These sandals are made of Absorbent leather padding and a filled insole, which provides stability and retention. The non-marking rubber outsole is crafted to be durable, versatile, gives additional grip. Its Flexible rounded sole with a star pattern at the bottom promotes comfort and stability. The toe box has curved edges that minimize the stumbles and falls.

These sandals also have a padded knee collar, which keeps your little one’s delicate skin from getting irritated.

These Stride Rite SR Naomi sandals with its cushioned sole, slouchy colors, and decorated with stylish straps can go from the park to the gathering in. These sandals are the children summer shoes the wide thick as it has wide openings and two adjustable straps that provide convenient slipping into shoes.

What we Like
  • Dual Hook-and-loop strap
  • Perfect for wide feet toddlers
  • Non- slip sole
  • Soft memory foam linings
  • Natural walking support
  • Airflow for the feet
  • Rounded soles provide reduced stumbles
  • Padded knee collar
What we Did Not Like
  • Velcro wears off after sometime
  • Designed for girls only

6. Adidas Kids’ Adilette – Shower Slides Sandal

Great summer shoes for toddlers or at pool or beach with the iconic look 

best sandals for toddler boy

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Continue their style at the pool or beach with the iconic look of the Adidas latest Adilette Shower Slide Sandal.

This Adilette Shower Slide Sandal is crafted from Cloudfoam content for ease, comfort, and elegance. These sandals are carrying only a single synthetic strapping upper, which offers smooth slip in and out. The strap has an iconic horizontal three contrast colored strips detailing, which depicts a more athletic and sporty look.

These Adidas shower sandals can make the best summer water-proof shoes for toddlers as it is lined with a quick-drying synthetic content. The bottom of these sandals is lightweight and sturdy with an EVA outsole. Its Slide measures approximately 0-6 inches from the arch, which is quite enough for wide feet and high instep of a child too.

These sliders provide a regular fit with a soft pillow padding, which boosts your kid’s get-up-and-go attitude all the time. Multiple colors are available in these sliders, which you can choose.

These Adidas Kids’ Adilette Shower Sandal is the best shoes for toddlers in summer. With its iconic Adidas look along with comfortable and water-proof footbed padding, your kid will have fun in the sun. These summer toddler shoes with Its lightweight and natural slip-on structure are perfect for toddlers who want a hassle-free sliding into shoes.

What we Like
  • Easy Slip-on structure
  • Non- slip sole
  • Pillow Soft Cloud foam linings
  • Quick-drying and water-friendly
  • Perfect for wide feet toddlers
  • Multiple colours available
  • Unisex
What we Did Not Like
  • Runs big to size
  • Stiff material

7. Stride Rite SRTech – Tulip Toddler Sandal

Supportive look for the delicate feet of your infant or new-to-walking toddlers

best summer shoes for kids

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If you want visually appealing toddler summer shoes for your little princess, then these Stride Rite SRTech Tulip sandals are a perfect pick. With these, she’ll be all set for whatever thing you bring her way around.

These Closed-Toe princess Shoes are crafted from leather and a padded footbed, which offers a smooth and supportive look for the delicate feet of your infant. The rounded closed-toe style prevents the little toes from stumbling and holds the dirt out as well. Its sturdy, anti-slip, beveled rubber outsole makes it easy for children to walk or run.

The leather liner with an anti-microbial odor-reducing chemical treatment and the memory foam insole makes them comfortable toddler sandals. With its adjustable hook-and-loop strap, these sandals provide a snug fit and convenient on and off.

These sandals come with SRTech Technology that comprises a sensory sole and a more stable design for your new-to-walking toddlers. These sandals come in four different colors, including white, gold, silver, and pink/multicolor.

These Tulip sandals are ideal for the summer season as a luxury leather sandal. You can upgrade your baby girl’s pre-walker to this luxurious walkers. These sandals can be the best summer shoes for toddler girls. Its lightweight, sturdy, and breathable structure provides all-day summer fun.

What we Like
  • Hook-and-loop strap
  • Non- slip sole
  • Soft memory foam linings
  • Sensory response technology
  • Airflow for the feet
  • Rounded soles provide reduced stumbles
  • Odour-free with anti-bacterial chemical treatment
What we Did Not Like
  • Difficult Sizing
  • Backstrap leaves indentations
  • Designed for girls only

8. VILOCY Kid’s Garden – Cartoon Slides Sandals

lightweight and sturdy shoe pair for boys and girls go on beaches, water parks, or anywhere through  

childrens summer shoes

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These Vilcoy kid’s garden is perfect summer shoes for If you want water shoes that keep feet safe from coarse exteriors like waterways, lakes, and those rocky beaches and provide grip on slippery surfaces too.

These super light and comfy shoes are made of EVA Foam. They slip on and off at your little one’s feet easily, and the heel strap aid in keeping shoes in place. The wide toe-bed is supportive enough for the little feet.  Its sole provides arch support and padding. With a non-marking outsole, it offers a necessary grip through watery terrains.

These clogs have a perforated opening at the sides of the top, which drains excess water off of shoes and keep it lightweight and sturdy through all-day water fun. For boys and girls, they come in a range of colours. Your kids and toddlers can wear these Iconic Garden Clog Mule Shoes to beaches, water parks, or anywhere they want too.

These Vilcoy garden shoes are comfortable croc like shoes for toddlers. Once your toddler wears these super-light, and super-comfy clogs, your kid’s feet should never feel cramped. These shoes, with easy sliding in and out, are perfect for those who are looking for a more comfortable substitute for flip flops.

What we Like
  • Super light EVA foam construction
  • Non-marking outsole
  • Holes at the sides keep water off
  • Water-proof
  • Heel strap keeps shoes in place
  • Arch support and padded insole
  • Unisex
What we Did Not Like
  • Causes blisters
  • Runs small to size

9. Crocs Kids Crocband – II Open Toe Sandal

Water-ready sandals are comfortable, and lightweight providing typical crocs comfort

best toddler sandals

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If you require an uncluttered and sleek styled toddler summer shoes, then these Crocs Kids Crocband II Open Toe Sandal are perfect. Your kiddies will enjoy walking in these shoes.

These sandals crafts from Croslite foam, which deliver a sturdy, comfortable walk to little feet. It emanates with Velcro strap closure for quick in and out as for new to sandals toddlers. It has Synthetic lagging that offers a lightweight, supportive feel for the foot.

Your toddlers will lug in these sandals all day without getting upset with its comfy “stay-on” fit feature. These unisex sandals embrace an athletic look with an adjustable strap at the vamp. It has a bevelled rubber outsole that is responsible for a strong grip.

These sandals are comfortable, and lightweight providing typical crocs comfort to the shaky little steps. With these water-ready sandals, your kids will have unstoppable water fun. They are easy to clean with one nippy wash.

If you want the best toddler summer shoes for your toddler to carry all day long, then these Crocs sandals are a perfect pick. With its sport look, lightweight, and durability, it can be a nice walking companion. These comfortable and lightweight sandals can make the best toddler sandals for pre-school toddlers who have to carry shoes all day long.

What we Like
  • An adjustable midsole strap
  • Perfect for wide feet toddlers too
  • Non- slip sole
  • Iconic crositile foam
  • Water-friendly
  • Lightweight and sturdy
  • Unisex sandals
  • Multiple colors available
What we Did Not Like
  • Double-check your kid for allergies to crositile
  • No good grip in the water

10. HOBIBEAR Toddler Boys – Strap Sport Shoes

Great choice with delivering solace and comfort for toddler boys in summer times

toddler summer shoes

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If you are looking for the best sandals for toddler boy, then these Hobibear Toddler boys sandals may get your attention. Because of its super-cute and trendy look, these can be the walking companions of your little guy this summer.

These closed-toe sandals carry a leather upper with cute cuts and multicolor designs. The Velcro strap closure at both sides of the ankle delivers easy on and off of the sandals along with the snug fit adjustment. With its breathable design, these sandals can keep your little one’s feet dry during sweaty days.

These sandals deliver solace and comfort with its padded knee collar and soft padded leather upper. A colorful, flexible, and super-grippy outsole made of EVA material make for extra traction. These sandals provide reduced stumble and fall to little rickety steps with its rounded close-toe design. These Kids’ sandals contain a sturdy and anti-slip sole that guard for your boy’s feet during outdoor fun.

If you are drilling for best summer shoes for kids, then these Hobibear leather sandals can be an ideal pick. With its Easy-going, sturdy, anti-slip, lightweight, and contented design, your little man will have fun in the sun.The HOBIBEAR Leather Sport Sandal is the best summer shoes for toddler boys, who, during these summer times, are struggling to get along with shoes. It is very convenient and robust.

What we Like
  • Two-sided adjustable midsole strap and
  • Non- slip sole
  • Padded leather upper
  • Lightweight and sturdy
  • Cute cuts and design for a sporty look
  • Padded heel collar
What we Did Not Like
  • Runs small to size
  • Less roomy
  • Masculine design

11. BODATU Summer Outdoor Sports Shoes – Closed-Toe

Stunning Choice For Toddlers Girls & Boys Beach Summer Sandal

BODATU Summer Outdoor Sports Shoes

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Here is one of the best BODATU Boys’ and Girls’ Summer Outdoor Beach Sports Closed-Toe Sandals which is a great featured shoe for toddlers and kids. Closed-toe as the name specified one of the protective and supportive shoes that are equally perfect for outdoor and sports. Rubber Toe bumper prevents the toddler feet from stubbing.  For first walkers and active toddlers, parents can choose this amazing footwear.

In the construction of these shoes, they use synthetic soles with waterproof fabric and have a breathable mesh upper. All these features make sandals perfect for summer. Overlay with attractive colors and synthetic upper make it ultra comfortable. Hook and loop closures use for secure fitting and adjustability according to the toddler bone structures.

These lightweight shoes provide a safe end while wearing them on the beach and outdoor activities through shock absorption. With these stylish shoes, there is also a variety of colors are available. So, you can choose any of them but keep in mind before going to the size chart also measure your toddler feet with perfect measuring methods.

What we Like
  • Adjustable straps with hook and loop closure
  • Lightweight and durable shoes
  • Rubber toe bumper with closed-toe construction
  • Synthetic sole and breathable mesh upper
  • Provide safe movement
What we Did Not Like
  • Takes too much time to dry
  • Not a perfect fit for wide and fat feet toddlers

Closing Thoughts!

Summer is the time when kids go in and out of the water and enjoy water parks. So the perks of this aquatic fun come with a sock-free feet companion consideration. So it makes it necessary to find an inexpensive, convenient, water-friendly, and sturdy shoes.

We have gathered around this guide to help you in purchasing the best summer shoes for toddlers. All of these shoes share good features for summer days fun. But Vilcoy kid’s slides stand out of the list because of easy slip-on style and draining hole at the sides of the shoes; it can be best for aquatic fun. Although, if you want to go for more trendy and stylish alternatives, you can choose other sandals too.

With so many options available, we are confident that the above guide will help you in buying summer shoes for toddlers. Happy Shopping to you!

Frequently Asked Question (FAQs)

1. What are the best summer shoes for toddlers?

Best Summer Shoes for Kids That Are Adorable and Functional
  • Best Easy-to-Clean Summer Shoes for Kids : Crocs Kids Literide Clog.
  • Best Outdoor Summer Shoes for Kids : Teva Kids Hurricane Drift Sandals.
  • Best Sporty Summer Shoes for Kids : Nike Sunray Protect 2 Sandal.

2. What are the best shoes for a toddler?

Healthline Parenthood’s picks of the best toddler shoes
  • Momo Baby Leah and Hunter. SHOP NOW AT Amazon. …
  • New Balance Kids’ 888 V2. SHOP NOW AT Amazon. …
  • Keen Newport Toddler Sandals. …
  • Saltwater Sweetheart Sandals. …
  • Memo Orthopedic Toddler. …
  • Bogs Waterproof Insulated Boots. …
  • See Kai Run Stevie II. …
  • Dadawen Athletic Shoes.

3. What shoes should baby wear in summer?

Safety and comfort should be top of mind. The AAP recommends opting for pairs that feature nonskid soles, which is especially important in the summer, when little ones run around on slippery surfaces and engage in a lot of water play.

In this Guide:
  • Flip Flops.
  • Water Shoes.
  • Sandals.

4. Why are Crocs bad for toddlers?

Open-toed shoes, flip flops and Crocs are not ideal shoes for toddlers because of their instability; they also encourage toe-gripping which may lead to toe deformities.


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