Best Shoes for Pregnant Nurses

Nurses are often on their feet all day, which can lead to pain and swelling. These conditions can be more difficult to endure if experienced during pregnancy. Fortunately, modern shoes now have the technology to make footwear more comfortable for temporary or permanent foot ailments. We’ve compiled a list of Best Shoes for Pregnant Nurses that will help nurses remain focused on the important work they do without having to worry about physical discomfort or pain.

Comfortable and supportive shoes are essential in helping pregnant nurses maintain a good work life balance. Choosing the right and comfortable shoes is important, however, to ensuring an effective and comfortable day at work. Office oxfords can keep your feet supported throughout a busy day standing on hard floors because of their extra padding and soft sole.

When it comes to buying Best Shoes for Pregnant Nurses, you’ll want to make sure they meet a couple of things: they must be comfortable and also come with both an arch support and a proper heel support. The best option available right now are these Foot Petals. Made by someone who works in the medical field, these special shoes were made with all of the needs of an expecting mother in mind. We recommend that everyone try them so that they can improve their overall quality of life.

Best Shoes for Pregnant Nurses – Buying Guide

Buying  Best Shoes for Pregnant Nurses can be a real challenge, especially if you’ve never done it before. Is there some kind of ultimate guide to buying shoes that I should know about? Pregnant women are unique and so are their feet, often making pregnancy-friendly shoes necessary. Usually as nurses, we need professional and comfortable footwear so we tend to look for a pair that will have great stability not to mention protection against any injuries that may occur such as slips or sprains during our activities at work. As a pregnant lady, there’s more things you should consider when putting together your perfect shoe collection – here are just five of them:

1. Flexible Upper

Pregnancy is a fun yet challenging stage of life. There are lots of worries that come with it and most pregnant women experience swollen feet. That being said, this is not the end of the road for your clothing options which is why we’ve complied a list of great pregnancy-friendly shoes.

2. Slip-Resistant Outsole

Sometimes, we can slip on a surface when our attention isn’t on the activity we’re engaging in. But if your mind’s eye is focussed and you are watching carefully while taking care that you don’t slip and fall then it shouldn’t be a problem. Women who are pregnant should take extra care when walking around as they need to be aware of their surroundings and need to plan ahead where possible.

3. Shock Absorption

Just like a runner’s feet, the arch and heel are responsible for taking a lot of the pressure when walking. That’s why it’s important to wear shoes with special material that offers them added shock absorption in order to prevent tiring feet after solid amounts of walking.

4. Slip-On Style

Due to the fact that pregnant women are going through hormonal and chemical changes within their bodies, they often experience discomfort in their hands and their feet. Therefore, it is important that you provide your customers with products that meet the needs of this growing population, who is often neglected.

5. Backless

The fact that feet can grow in size throughout a woman’s pregnancy is a myth. The ligaments in the foot may loosen which can cause the bones to separate and can contribute to gaining weight during pregnancy. Some women gain as much as a half size of an adult shoe during their pregnancy.

Top 3 Best Shoes for Pregnant Nurses in 2022

1. TOMS Women’s Canvas Classic

TOMS Women’s Canvas Classic

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Nursing is a challenging job but not as much for a woman who is pregnant. Why? Pregnant women have unique needs that medical professionals in hospitals or clinics need to be aware of. Some nurses might say the most important thing is knowing whether their patient has had complications or preexisting conditions like high blood pressure which could make pregnancy more trying than it can be otherwise.

One of the Best Shoes for Pregnant Nurses slip-ons are made with safety in mind and the perforated soles ensure that your little one will not only remain comfortable but also provide a great deal of airflow to keep their feet feeling cool.

What we Like
  • Slip-resistant rubber sole
  • Soft canvas upper
  • Slip on easily with elastic “v” detail on top
What we Did Not Like
  • Sizing runs small
  • Canvas upper is thin
  • Slightly narrow toe box

2. Skechers Sport Women’s D’Lites Slip-On Sneaker

Skechers Sport Women’s Sneaker

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Women who are pregnant and can no longer fit comfortably into their sneakers need a comfortable alternative that helps them look stylish but feel great. If you’re like these women, I’ve found Best Shoes for Pregnant Nurses which is Skechers Sport Women’s D’Lites Slip-On Sneakers.They look just like sneakers without the actual bulkiness which is important specifically in this case considering your entire body has to deal with additional weight and strain.

The convenient Vionic Bella clog has a slip-resistant outsole that will keep you steady on wet surfaces. The shock-absorbing heel maximizes your comfort as you move around in these shoes all day long. Choose from eleven versatile colors including basic black and white, so these comfortable flats can go with practically any work or uniform color.

What we Like
  • Backless design
  • Slip-resistant rubber outsole
  • Thick heel for shock absorption
What we Did Not Like
  • Wide fit
  • Sizing runs big
  • Easy to slip out of because they’re backless

3. Vionic Women’s Fitness Shoes

Vionic Women's Fitness Shoes

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If you’re looking for the Best Shoes for Pregnant Nurses that will look as good with your activewear as it will with your work clothes, check out the Women’s Fitness Sneakers by Vionic. The Vionic Women’s Fitness Shoes are built with style and function in mind. The textile upper features ultra-stretchy elastic gores on either side so they slip on easily. The upper is flexible and durable and can be easily wiped down with mild dish soap and water to clean.

Looking for a pair of clogs that can handle your demanding job? If you’re a nurse and need footwear that can keep up with your hustle, look no further. These shoes are made from rubber so they’re slip-resistant, sturdy and durable. The bottom grip makes them perfect for wet surfaces like the hospital floor.

What we Like
  • Stretchy elastic gores on upper
  • Slip-resistant rubber outsole
  • Breathable mesh footbed
What we Did Not Like
  • Inside label contains latex which may cause allergic reactions
  • Hard midsole
  • Sizing runs small

Closing Thoughts!

When it comes to Best Shoes for Pregnant Nurses, comfort should be paramount. This is especially true of pregnant nurses because the state of pregnancy can cause a lot of discomforts. However, finding support with shoes this way is extremely important, especially when pregnant and on the job.

All of these shoes have excellent features that make them good candidates for pregnant nurses looking for a safe, comfortable pair of shoes. They all exceed expectations when it comes down to durability and comfort which is exactly what nursing shoes are supposed to do.

As you can see, all the pairs mentioned above are worth pointing out as they qualify as the best. Most of them share the same remarkable qualities which pregnant nurses would consider what’s helpful. When choosing a pair of shoes, we just have to consider which works best for you and your unique needs especially when it comes down to using them on a daily basis during pregnancy time.

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