Best Shoes For Intoeing Toddler

Intoeing can be painful in kids but, to get the best shoes for intoeing toddlers can improve it. It happens when the kid’s feet turn inwards rather than pointing ahead. This usually happens when the kids walk or run. Shoes really help the child to move on, but some time parent choice can be either painful in some children or painless in others.

When the shinbone or the Thighbone turns towards the inside, this issue persists. However, as kids grow up, Intoeing can improve. This can be genetic in some kids while in others; there can be no previous history in the family.

Choosing shoes for such a toddlers new balance shoes can be a tough decision to make. A recent study has shown that most of the toddlers surpass the condition within six months. About one-third of the toddlers in America face this problem more read Pigeon toe.

Parents find it hard to select them because they want it to be comfortable as well as it should fit the kid perfectly. Some doctors recommend that it’s not important to carry out any necessary treatment if the infant is around or below six months.

What to Look When Buying Corrective Shoes for Pigeon Toed Toddlers?

Toddlers with incoming needs special shoes with special features. The shoes must focus on controlling the lower alignment of the leg and also should provide support at the base. The necessary support provided by such shoes will help in muscle development and increasing the strength of the bones.

Let us mention a few important things to keep in focus when choosing the best shoes for intoeing toddlers.

1. Comfort

Comfort comes first and foremost. The shoe needs to be comfortable for the toddlers. It should be made up of breathable material. A rubber sole is another great option that can be chosen. The cushioning property of the sole is really important to give a bounce bank to the foot. This can help take the pressure off the toes.

2. Space

Another important factor to look for is space in the shoes. Make sure that the shoe has enough space for the toes. In toddlers with selection, good shoes really confusing and sometimes it creates issues. so, your parents have to care while you are buying shoes as baby toes take up more space than usual toddler shoe brands.

3. Stability

Stable support should be provided. Look for a shoe that is heavy in weight so that it can provide enough stability.

4. Support

Choose the best shoes for pigeon toed children is at all difficult. But, shoes support really matters for baby feets’ growth development that provides support and control in special areas. These areas can be the forefoot and the heel.

5. Waterproofing

Make sure that the shoe you choose for your toddler is waterproof. It should also be washable – both the upper part and the inner. The inner insert should be removable so that you can dry it up in the rainy season.

6. Odor control

Since the shoes will be worn for a quiet long time, the shoe needs to be having odor control quality.

Most Rated Best Shoes For Intoeing Toddler

Zoneyue Buckled Tennishook & loop lacesTextile & synthetic10/9.9 Check Price!
Wobbly Waddlers Sneakershook-loop closureTextile & synthetic10/9.8 Check Price!
Hetohec Sport Baseballelastic closurefabric-and-synthetic10/9.4 Check Price!
BODATU Kids Boys Girlselastic closurefabric10/8.8 Check Price!
Mizuno Kids' Lightninglaces closure100% Synthetic10/8.7 Check Price!
ASICS Kids Gel-Nimbuslaces closureSynthetic10/8.4 Check Price!
New Balance KJ890laces closure100% Synthetic10/7.5 Check Price!
KEEN Unisex Kidclosed toeTextile10/7.9 Check Price!
PUMA Kids' StHook and LoopTextile and Synthetic10/9.4 Check Price!

9 Top Rated Best Running Shoes for Pigeon Toed Runners Reviews

There is a great number of choices available in the market for choosing the best intoeing shoes for your toddlers. Do not be confused in the world of unlimited options. We will guide you to the best options to choose from. Work on your options to make sure that they have the best qualities that are explained above. For your convenience, the Top shoes that help a lot to improve baby foot development growth as well as toes issues. Here are all listed below, Let us take a look at each one by one!

1. Zoneyue Buckled Tennis – Skate Shoes Flat Sneakers

Decent & durable sneakers for little ones for all-day comfort

shoes for intoeing toddlers

Check Price At Amazon

The top of the list for the best intoeing shoes for toddlers is Zoneyue Buckled Low top buckled Tennis Shoes. They are known in the market for long for their comfortability and strength. They have a mesh upper, which is made up of breathable material. They are super comfortable according to the consumers. The sole of Zoneyue Low top buckled tennis shoes is lightweight making it durable and long-lasting.

The strap makes it easy to wear even for your little one. They need minimum guidance from elders in wearing and taking them off. The strap helps make it the best fit for the feet.

The shoes for a baby who are facing issues in toes now,  available in all different styles and colors in the market. If your kid is school going or going for a hike, it’s the best choice you can make. Once used, you will fall in love with these lightweight shoes.

Who should buy this?

It’s the good pair of shoes to correct intoeing. They have the best reviews in the market. The best part is the breathable net that gives a dry feel to the feet all day long. If your kid needs a shoe to wear all day long and you are worried about him/her being tired, then this is the best choice in the market. Because of the special technology cushion, it makes using all day long – comfortable.

What we Like
  • Exceptionally good customer service
  • Money-back guarantee
  • Lightweight and comfortable
  • It can be cleaned in the washing machine.
What we Did Not Like
  • Stitching can rip off after a year or so
  • No arch support
  • The issue with the size

2. Wobbly Waddlers Sneakers – First Walker Shoes

Great fit for toddler trainers with arch support feature

best shoes for pigeon toed child

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Wobbly waddlers Toddler sneakers provide the necessary support to toddlers. They are the best option to choose if your little one is looking for fashionable shoes. They come in funky colors for boys and girls too. They provide the necessary arch support.

For infants, suffering from intoeing, Wobbly waddlers toddler sneakers is an ideal choice. They are good for helping the infant walk with maximum support. Such shoes for toddlers are good when they are learning to take their first steps.

Wobbly Waddlers Toddler sneakers come with non-slip rubber sole. This is a great option for toddlers walking in snowy areas and wet weather conditions. Since the shoe is made up of thick material, it does not allow winter cold winds to enter the shoe and keep the feet warm and cozy. Such shoes for your toddlers provide flexible support too.

Who should buy this?

Wobby waddler is an ideal option for parents whose infants are learning to walk. Taking their first few steps in wobby waddlers will make their walk easy and comfortable. If you are looking for fashion and comfort in one shoefor a pigeon-toed toddler, then this is the best option for you. The funky colors and stylish design makes it look appealing to everyone around.

What we Like
  • Flexible support
  • Ideal for winter use
  • Attractive appearance.
What we Did Not Like
  • Does not come with anti-sweat technique and odor control
  • No ankle support
  • Sizing issue

3. Hetohec Sport Baseball – Knitted Fashion Shoes

Great for Casual, Walking, Running, Outdoor, Travel & Workout

best baby shoes for out toeing

Check Price At Amazon

Hetohec Sport Baseball shoes are another great option available in the market. They knitted by hand. They have an MD sole. The shoe is made up of both the synthetic material and the fabric.

Looking at the upper knit portion, it is made up of breathable material keeping the feet dry all day even after running or walking. The shoes are comfortable. The upper knit portion is made up of comfortable cushions to keep the feet fresh.

The MD sole is another great feature of Hetohec Sport baseball shoes. They are lightweight. Because of this exceptional material that the heel is made up of, it has got a great bounce-back feature. The shoes are durable and can be used for years. They have a special feature that keeps the shoes stable to the ground.

Who should buy this?

Looking at the affordable price, Hetotec Sports baseball Shoes are a great option for pigeon-toed adults. Go for it if you are feeling tired in your usual shoes. These will give you durability and comfort all day long. If you are looking for the best shoes for pigeon-toed adults, then this is the answer to all your queries. They are great for working out in the gym and excessive walking.

What we Like
  • The toe box is perfect for the fit
  • The width of the shoe is great for all kinds of feet to perfectly fit in.
  • Durable for years.
  • MD sole for comfortably
What we Did Not Like
  • Provides a little arch support
  • Does not have great designs for toddlers

4. BODATU Kids Boys Girls – Light Weight Slip-on

Comfortable casual fashion lightweight shoes

best shoes to correct pigeon-toed toddler

Check Price At Amazon

Badatu Kids Boys Girls Running shoes are another great option because of its lightweight slip-on cushion. The sole is made up of synthetic material rather than leather

It is very comfortable concerning its fabric. The upper fabric is made up of breathable material just like the others in the market. These shoes to correct in-toeing have a different style than others. They are slip-on style shoes, which makes it extremely easy to wear and take off.

The sole of the shoe is made up of cushion, which is again an advantage for users who prefer shock absorption options. Bodatu Shoes are a great option for elders as well as toddlers. The slip-on option makes it easier for kids to wear them with minimum assistance from their parents. They are usually used for long time usage – like walking, running, and doing sports.

Who should buy this?

If you are looking for a shoe with great flexibility and durable sole, go for Bodatu Shoes for toddlers as well as elders. People who do not have much time to tie laces or struggle with putting on shoes, the slip-on design of this shoe is preferred for them.

What we Like
  • Slip-on design
  • Keeps the feet cool in summers
  • Auto dry feature
What we Did Not Like
  • Not odor free
  • Does not have an attractive design for kids

5. Mizuno Kids’ Lightning – Youth Volleyball Shoes

Advanced for engineered of the youth volleyball player

best shoes for pigeon toed adults

Check Price At Amazon

These Mizuno Kids lightning Star Shoes are made up of 100% synthetic material. They are usually imported from other countries making their quality super fine. They are made up of rubber sole just like others of its kind. The upper part of the shoe is made up of air mesh making it breathable and comfortable.

Mizuno Kids shoes come with SR Touch quality, which makes the sole shock absorber. It is an ideal option for people who would like to have extra assistance while walking. The material of the cushion is made up of advanced material, which is extremely light in weight. Due to its lightweight, the movement around the shoe is smooth.

It weighs around 7.6 ounces and ideal for people playing volleyball. The product is made up of breath thermo material, which keeps the feet warm in winters and dry in summers. The special material keeps the body cool during exercise when the body expels high heat. Mizuno is a trusted name among athletes.

These shoes come with a unique and incredible design. The users of these shoes are usually elders who can use it for running, walking, and exercise. They are famous for their durability in the long run.

Who should buy this?

Mizuno shoes are the best shoes for pigeon-toed toddlers because of their extra space between toes. Mizuno shoes are one of the Best shoes for intoeing kids who love playing volleyball

What we Like
  • Anti-slip Heel
  • Perfect for volleyball players
  • Extra space for toes
What we Did Not Like
  • Less in width
  • Size issues
  • Unattractive design for toddlers

6. ASICS Kids Gel-Nimbus – 19 GS Running Shoe

One of perfect fit as running shoes for kid’s

shoes for intoeing

Check Price At Amazon

Another best shoes to correct pigeon-toed toddlers are Asics Kids Running Shoes. They are also made up of synthetic material just like the others. They are imported which guarantee its quality. The sole is made up of rubber material that gives the extra jump to the walker.

I.G.S technology is another special feature of this pigeon toe correction shoes. This feature improves the gait of the user. Fluid Ride Midsole technology gives the necessary bounce back to the heel.

With an advanced ASICS GEL cushioning system, the forefeet can absorb shock during any strike. The shoe is made up of seamless material, which reduces the chance of friction that might happen due to toes rubbing each other.

It’s a combination of function and fashion in one go. They have a firm heel counter. The arch support along with the firm heel provides easy support in toddlers. The sole is firmer than other such pigeon toed shoes.

The upper part of the shoe is knitted with spaces in it making them breathable. The feet will remain dry throughout the day as the air can pass through the holes.

Who should buy this?

For parents who want to improve their kid’s gait, this is an ideal option to opt for. It comes with IGS technology, which is seldom to be found in others of its kind. If you can afford the high price for these shoes to help pigeon-toed toddlers, you should definitely go for it.

What we Like
  • Imported material
  • Improves gait
  • Less in weight
What we Did Not Like
  • Non-breathable material
  • Does not keep the feet warm during winters

7. New Balance KJ890 – Lace-Up Running Shoe

Awesome long-running shoes for toddler with Intoeing issue 

Best shoes for intoeing kids

Check Price At Amazon

Just like the others, these New balance Grade lace-up running shoes are made up of synthetic material. They have a rubber sole and ideal for long-running. The shoes have lace, which makes it hard for toddlers to tie up.

The selection of buying the best shoes for pigeon toed toddlers must go for having an upper mesh, which is made up of synthetic material.

New Balance Grade Laceup Shoes for toddlers are lightweight and easy to fit. Breathable inner and upper. The sole is made up of non-skid material.

It comes for girls and boys too. The version for boys comes with a mesh that has sports like the look. The colors are well-coordinated and sensible enough. You can buy them easily online.

Both the sides of the shoe hold the company logo “N”. The collar of the shoes and its tongues are both padded for extra comfortability. The heel is cushioned to absorb shocks.

Who should buy this?

The shoes are super colorful and attractive that makes them fashionable. They are good for wide feet. If you have extra wide feet, then this is an ideal option because the width of these shoes is wider than others of its kind.

What we Like
  • Great colors for toddlers and elders
  • Rubber sole to give an extra jump
  • Good for people with wide feet
What we Did Not Like
  • the lace-up system, which is difficult for toddlers to handle
  • Does not have anti-slip heel
  • Heavy in weight

8. KEEN Unisex Kid – Newport H2 Sandal

Comfortable & imported sandals from day one for all toddlers

shoes to help pigeon-toed toddler

Check Price At Amazon

When shopping for best baby shoes for out toeing, Keen Unisex Kid is a famous name. Unlike others, Keen Sandle comes with Hook and loop strap which makes it easier for toddlers to put on themselves.

The outer part of the shoe is made up of webbing material, which is great for quick drying. It is a waterproof shoe – another great option to choose for. Kids are usually reluctant to opt for sandals but this is a great summer option. It is made up of textiles, unlike others.

The sandal is imported which gives a quality guarantee. The sole is made up of synthetic material. The children’s version of the shoe is waterproof while the ones made for toddlers aren’t really waterproof.

The sole is cushioned super comfortably and your little one will not feel tired after a while of wearing. The variety comes in funky colors for girls and sports look for boys. Choose them with confidence.

who should buy this?

This is a great option for summers for kids wants to look for the best shoes for pigeon toed adults. None of the others in the market are sandals. If you are looking for an easy strap option for the best shoes for a pigeon-toed child, then is this is the answer to all your questions.

What we Like
  • Imported material
  • Easy for kids to wear themselves and take off without parental guidance
  • Durable
What we Did Not Like
  • Synesthetic sole
  • No cushioning
  • Does not have any slip heel

9. PUMA Kids’ St Runner V2 – Mesh Toddler Sneakers

Best Intoeing Toddler Snaekers With Hook and Loop Fastener

PUMA Kids St Runner V2 Mesh Sneaker

Check Price At Amazon

A well-known brand Puma Kid’s over the world that is famous due to its quality construction and imported material used for shoe construction. St rubber styles shoes of this brand for kids and toddler is never ever out of style and trend. PUMA shoes are made of textile and synthetic material that is fully breathable and sweat-free.

puma st runner v2 mesh features shoes that made it fully trended shoes and give perfect fitting to the intoeing toddlers. Rubber outsole provides a strong grip that keeps the shoes put on for a long time. This footwear is one of the best durable toddler and kids shoes for running, walking, and other activies.

For a smooth and comfortable feeling, this brand provides cushioning features. Flexible and smooth construction ensures a long time wearing without any troubles. Both heel clip and soft arch are helpful in easy put on and off and also shoes are perfectly optimized for stability.

who should buy this?

One of the best choices for toddlers with in-toeing. These shoes provide the relaxed-fitting of shoes with comfortable wearing. Easy to wear shoes encourage the toddlers to wear them by themselves. So, always good choice and have a beautiful sporty look.

What we Like
  • Breathable V2 breathable mesh
  • Sturdy rubber outsole
  • Insole cushioning for comfort
  • Hook and loop closures
  • Provide stability with heel clip
What we Did Not Like
  • No water washable
  • Velcro ripped off

Closing Thoughts!

Finding the best shoes for kids is a tough task but our detailed research has made things easier for you. Make sure that you look at the above perspective before choosing any of the shoes. They must be comfortable with long-lasting stability. Moreover, they must provide enough support to the feet.

Affordability should also be taken into consideration. Choose wisely according to your budget. No kids are born with intoeing. It is usually caused when non-supportive shoes are worn. Therefore it is extremely important to wear shoes that give the feet shape and posture. Toddlers wearing non-supportive shoes end up having deformities.

Choosing a quality shoe for toddlers can prevent them from lifetime impairment. If left untreated, in-toeing will need a surgical procedure to be corrected.

Kids can use such shoe issues to play and walk around. They can be worn to school too. The Midsole should be soft compared to others in the market. The outer part of the sole should be made up of anti-slip material, which is good for walking on snow or after rain. It is recommended for daily use.

Frequently Aske Questions (FAQS)

1. Can Intoeing be corrected?

Most of the time intoeing be corrected before the baby reads to the age of 8 years. To correct intoeing does not require any kind of special treatment. Intoeing does not lead your child to cause pain. However, if along with intoeing your baby feet feel pain while walking then it would be an orthopedic issue.

2. What shoes are good for pigeon toed?

Here we are going to provide you a list of special features that would help you to control the low alignment of legs and feet. Now, there must be shoes that should be supportive and helpful to develop the feet.

  • Zoneyue Buckled Tennis
  • Hetohec Sport Baseball
  • ASICS Kids Gel
  • KEEN Unisex Kid
  • New Balance KJ890

3. When should Intoeing correct itself?

Before reaching the age of 8 years intoeing corrects itself without any surgery and medical treatment.

4. What shoes are best for pigeon toed toddler?

Contenders For The Top Shoes For Pigeon Toed Toddler in 2020
  • KEEN Newport H2.
  • Saucony Baby Jazz Hook & Loop.
  • Stride Rite Made2Play.
  • Champion Toddler Performance Gusto Cross Trainer.
  • New Balance KJ890.
  • PUMA St Runner v2.

5. Can shoes fix pigeon toed?

Pigeon toe often develops in the womb or due to genetic anomalies, so a person can do very little to prevent it. No evidence exists to support any type of shoe that claims to help prevent or, in most cases, treat pigeon toe or that learning to walk in bare feet can help redirect pigeon toes.

6. What are the best shoes for toe walkers?

In cases of mild or even moderate intoeingchildren tend to outgrow the problem without any treatment. It can take a few years, but the bones often settle into a proper alignment on their own. Infants with serious metatarsus adductus may need a series of casts placed on their affected foot or feet for weeks

7. How do you fix pigeon toes in toddlers?

As the child gets older, this type of pigeon toe almost always corrects itself and the child does not normally require any therapy, bracing, or casting. In more severe cases, and if it does not resolve by the time a child reaches 9 or 10 years of age, internal tibial torsion may require surgery to fix it.

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