Best Shoes for Broken Big Toe

I hate the feeling of finding Best Shoes for Broken Big Toe that fit and feel good. It’s an awful process, but luckily I found some relief in Air Jordan Shoes outlet stores with their wide selection to choose from. Our feet are such a fascinating part of our body because they change size throughout life. sometimes even within one day Finding new shoes can be frustrating if you don’t know what your measurements were when buying them originally or how much room there is left over after wearing more socks/ trainers etc. 

Wearing special shoes to help you recover from foot pain is a great idea. Staying at complete rest can sometimes be hard, so wearing these casted shoe with stiff soles will allow for movement without putting excessive pressure on your toes or heels. One of the most painful injuries for a football player to have is an injured toe. Shoes with spikes or hard soles can help reduce this pain, but you still might want some protection on your feet when playing sports in general.

The best shoes that I found while researching were from Nike Air Max 90 “Nike Flex” which provide cushioning and support without adding too much weight great if someone’s rehabbing after surgery like me who wants their toes back ASAP. The big toe is the most commonly broken toe, and can be awkward to walk with for a while. There are many shoes that you can wear if you have a broken big toe, but it will depend on your injury.

If your injury is severe, then you may need to wear  Best Shoes for Broken Big Toe  like an air cast boot or crutches until it heals completely. The shoe that I would recommend for someone who just broke their big toe would be something like these Nike Air Max running shoes because they are flexible and light weight which allows them to breathe well so there is no sweating of feet during exercise. These shoes also allow enough room in the front of shoe so that the injured foot doesn’t slip around too much inside of the shoe.

Best Shoes for Broken Big Toe | Reviews 2022

1. BraceAbility Short Broken Toe Boot  

BraceAbility Short Broken Toe Boot


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If you’ve had a broken toe and are looking for the Best Shoes for Broken Big Toe to wear around at home or on vacation, these walking boots will be perfect. They come with an open front design that allows room for swelling as well as bandaging; plus their wide toe bed means they’re comfortable no matter what. The rocker design at the bottom of this shoe helps you walk more naturally and comfortably.

The low profile also allows for a natural gait, which makes it easy on your joints. With medical grade velcro straps to keep them securely around your foot all day long-this pair is perfect if you need something reliable with less bulk in order to get things done quickly while being mindful about how much time they’ll take up during busy days or nights out alike.

The straps are adjustable for a customized fit. There is an extra-strong polymer plastic shell that provides support and cradles your foot from both sides, making this shoe perfect to wear all day long. The medically approved straps are strong enough to hold all the time while allowing comfy customization.

A swelling or a dressing will be stress-free and worry free with these easy on, off belts that come in many different styles for everyone’s style. A polymer plastic shell is on either side of the foot and ankle. It’s rigid enough to cushion your feet against further injury, though it also provides support for walking or running without any pain.

  • It provides mobility and protection to the foot while walking. It has a lightweight and low profile design.
  • Extra strong polymer shell provides support to both sides of the foot.
  • Rocker sole helps you walk more naturally.
  • A front hook and open closure design make the boots comfortable to wear, even when they are swelling up.
  • The boots can be worn on both the right and the left leg. Five different sizes are available from XS to XL for both men and women.
  • The boots can be a bit noisy, as per some users
  • The low profile design is not comfortable for some users

2. Pro Care Squared Toe Post Op Shoes

Pro Care Squared Toe Post Op Shoes


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The shoe has a large toe bed that provides ample space for broken toes and swollen feet. It is perfect while changing bandages as it takes up less of your time. The Best Shoes for Broken Big Toe was designed to provide protection for the foot while walking.

The square-shaped bumper on each side of its design acts like an extra wheel, helping you stay stable and steady in frontward motion as well. The high ankle strapping and rigid rocker sole keep your foot in position, while the responsive midsole provides comfort when walking.

The versatile and comfortable shoe will fit any size. It’s made with a universal design so it can be worn by both left or right footed individuals, as well as those of various heights who prefer comfort over style when they’re out walking around town. This shoe offers the wearer a durable and comfortable experience while walking.

The high ankle strapping keeps your foot in place, as well as rigid rocker sole that controls pressure on any surface you walk across; it also features universal fit design for both left or right shoes so there’s no need to worry about wearing this outside. Available sizes range from extra small up through large which means whatever size fits best will work with these beauties too.


  • Maximum breathability due to open front design.
  • Front velcro makes it convenient to wear shoes.
  • Raised back design provides secure foot protection.
  • Universal fit makes it easy to wear on either of the foot.
  • Very cost-effective shoe.
  • A few users mentioned that the flexible sole can be a bit wobbly at times
  • Some users complained that the shoes can rub against your ankle due to its design.

3. Fit Pro Adjustable Post Op Shoes For Men

Fit Pro Adjustable Post Op Shoes

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The sleek and stylish design of the shoe makes it perfect for any occasion. The low profile provides support as you walk, but does not have much bulk so your feet will still be comfortable all day long no matter what kind if terrain or sidewalk this beautiful pair takes you on their journey through town . The front closure system makes it easy to wear shoes and allows for a bandage change.

The Best Shoes for Broken Big Toe provides the wearer complete comfort, as they do not have any straps digging into their skin or causing discomfort like other types of closures can sometimes cause. The one thing I love most about this product is its simplicity.

How there’s really only ever two ways (tie/no tie) in terms if keeping your boot on tight enough; while making sure everything stays where you want – namely inside out without showing anything outside such an ankle injury which could get worse before getting treated. With a unique design and adjustable-fit strap, these post-op shoes can be customized for your individual needs.

With the help of the Fit Pro Adjustable Post Op Shoes For Men , you can have freedom to walk without any restrictions after surgery on an injured toe. Our exclusive feature, patented adjusting strap, ensures that no matter how much swelling you experience in your toes from surgery. It also means that these shoes are tailored specifically to meet your specifications, with maximum comfort and support provided by our full foam padding or durable tread sole.

  • It allows easy dressing and fits comfortably due to front closure design.
  • Square toe bumper design makes it fit for both the foot left and right.
  • The shoe has an adjustable ankle strap that helps to tighten or loosen to get a comfortable fit.
  • Semi-rigid sole that supports the foot and provides a pain-free walking.
  • Rocker sole provides comfort to the foot for long-wearing.
  • The sizing of the shoe is a bit tricky, be sure to order a larger size than your usual shoes
  • Some users also mentioned that the high back of the shoe irritates the skin.

4. BraceAbility Post-op Shoes

BraceAbility Post-op Shoes

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This shoe is perfect for anyone who wants  Best Shoes for Broken Big Toe and wanted to walk with a natural stride. The hook and loop closure allows you wear the shoes easily, while also providing an added layer of comfort when insole cannot do its job alone due to injury or other reasons. With rocker sole design that gives users more ground contact time than traditional square-toed footwear – this orthopedic sneaker will have your feet looking and feeling great.

This particular style features both men’s/women’s sizing available through interchangeable eyeballs located at either end so no matter what type fit problem arises all around town they can be changed instantly by shoppers. The traction thread design at the shoe base makes movement easier and safer. The straps are long enough so that you can trim them according to your requirement, which will ensure a more comfortable experience while wearing these shoes.

The shoes provide a universal fit for both left and right feet. The low profile allows them to be lightweight, which helps in surgical healing. The shoe’s durability is ensured by its non-skid thread design at the back. This additional stability ensures that you will never lose your footing, while also protecting against any potential fall hazards in case it becomes slippery from rain or other outside elements such as ice patches on roads during winter time.

The shoe’s padded heels and toes prevent your foot from sliding. The stylish design also comes with a supportive foam insole that provides extra cushioning to give you the maximum comfort while walking or wearing it inside.

  • Rigid rocker sole promotes a natural step while walking.
  • The non-skid tread provides extra stability and does not let the shoes skid.
  • Square toe design acts as a bumper, which protects the toe and makes the shoe breathable.
  • A supportive extra insole that acts as a cushion and a shock absorber.
  • Universal fit makes it wearable on both the foot left and right.
  • Lightweight shoes are easy to wear.
  • The sole is a little inflexible, as per some users.

5. Mars Wellness Post Op Shoe (Women)

Mars Wellness Post Op Shoe

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The Mars wellness post-op shoe has a non-skid design that provides traction while walking. It’s made to help you recover naturally and safely, with features like rigid rocker soles for stability when on your feet all day long. Freelance Banned’s extra-long and adjustable top strap is perfect for those who want to create their own style.

You can cut the length of this bad boy as needed, making it extremely versatile. To make the Best Shoes for Broken Big Toe  more comfortable and allow easy dressing, the forefoot design is used. This also makes it breathable as air can go through easily without being closed off by those hard exterior parts of shoes that stick out from under your feet like spikes or heels do in other types of footwear.

The face area around where our toe meets with each individual’s foot- this creates an opening so we have room on either side for movement when walking which helps prevent blisters since there won’t be any pressure against sensitive areas all day long.

You won’t want to wear anything else when you slip on your new kicks. The square toe is like a toughened for the foot, providing stability and protection. You get 4 sizes: extra small through large so no matter what kind of feet they have or how much snow there’s outside – these shoes will fit just right.

  • The front strap is oversized to protect the toe from further injury.
  • The non-skid design at the back of the shoe provides traction while walking.
  • Four different sizes are available, from extra small to large.
  • The square toe acts as a bumper and provides added protection to the toe.
  • The insole is available that can be removed as per preference.
  • Lightweight and breathable shoe as it has an open forefoot design.
  • Customizable straps for a better fit.
  • Wearable shoes on any foot, left or right.
  • The shoe has a removable insole, which can sometimes shift while walking.

How to Choose Best Shoes for Broken Big Toe – Buying Guide

1. Material

Post-op shoes are usually made with canvas to help cover up the naked foot. They come in both rigid and semi-rigid soles, supporting your broken toes or rear ends as they heal from surgery.

2. Universal fit

Best Shoes for Broken Big Toe with bumper rocker soles are the best option for those who want a shoe that’s extremely versatile. You can wear them on your left and right feet without issue, which makes these shoes perfect if you need something universal. You might like these shoes because they’re the ones with a sturdy, rubber sole.
This type of footwear can provide extra traction on slippery surfaces and help you stay safe while navigating around unstable ground or stairs.

3. Forefoot closure

The shoe is the perfect choice for those who suffer from plantar fasciitis because it can be worn without any pain. You can always tell a real leather strap from the other kind by how easy it is to open and close. A front closure doesn’t have any velcro, zippers or buttons on them at all – just two pieces that connect together with what looks like a tiny metal threading in between so there’s no chance of coming undone while you wear your watch.

4. Strong Velcro Strap

A strong Velcro strap will help to keep the foot in position. Moreover, it becomes effortless and simple for an injured person to adjust their preference of brace as needed without any extra work on their part.

5. Breathability

When you have a bandage on foot, breathability is crucial. Shoes with low-breathability cause sweating and itching around the area where they touch your skin; therefore it’s important that shoes are open from front side so hot air can escape before molds start growing inside of them. To avoid having sore toes, make sure the shoes are comfortable.

6. Size

When you walk into any shoe store and see something that catches your eye, always check the size. The last thing we want is for our new shoes to be too big or small. You can always go for half a size up if the toe is swollen and in bandages post surgery.

7. Soles

A rocker shaped shoe sole is the best for supporting your broken toe. This is because it provides natural steps while walking after an injury, and helps provide better traction to keep you on track in slippery conditions or if there are cracks along the ground that could cause slide-offs.

8. Condition of the toe

If your toe is suffering from a severe break, you will need to wear an all-leather shoe. It should also be designed in such way that it can realign the toes if dislocated since this might result into even more damage for other parts of our body like knees and hips when we walk too much on hard surfaces with minimal support around these joints which leads us back again onto sidewalks or streets without any breaks whatsoever.

9. Open Forefront

If you have injured your toes, it is important to avoid any heat or tension build-up in order for healing. Open shoes will provide ample space and aeration where necessary Painful conditions like this can be prevented by wearing comfortable closed-toe shoes with plenty of ventilation on top which provides just enough airflow without allowing dirt particles inside the shoe itself accumulate while providing comfort over time soaks up all harmful activities that cause pain when they’re most needed.

Closing Thoughts!

A broken toe surgery is not easy on the feet and can take weeks to heal. A post-op shoe will help you while also doing small tasks throughout your day, preventing further pain in healing process. Best Shoes for Broken Big Toe are those that provide your foot with the support it needs and come in different sizes.

Shoes should be comfortable enough so you can wear them all day, every week without getting irritation or pain from wearing too tight of an outfit -They also need to have good arch support because people who suffer from hallux valgus (a condition where one large toe appears shorter than its counterpart) will find relief by having proper cushioning underfoot during daily use.

You don’t have to choose between comfort or function when it comes to your foot. The best shoes for broken toes find the balance of both so you can enjoy them without any pain. You know that feeling when you have shopped around for the perfect shoe? You look at them with satisfaction, knowing they are your newest favorite.

That is how I felt when my physiotherapist recommended this specific type of footwear to me – it really made sense and was just what exactly was needed. The next time someone tells us our feet aren’t too bad but we need something more forgiving don’t trust their opinion because everyone differently powered walks funny in different shoes or sandals.

Your shoes will help you to achieve the best walking experience, not just now but for years after.

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