Best Infant Shoes For Wide Feet

Are your baby feet wide? Are you disappointed that you cannot find the best infant shoes for wide feet that fit the feet properly? Or are you having a very hard time putting on and off the shoes of your toddler and are unable to find the infant shoes with extra wide feet If yes, then don’t worry as I have got you covered fat babies shoes.

We’re here to help you find the best infant shoe for wide feet. The first thing we’ll talk about is width and how it relates to your child’s foot. Different widths will fit differently so be sure not to buy shoes that are too tight or they might cause blisters, sores, and other problems. Make sure there is room in the toe area without any pinching or squeezing as well as a little extra space at the back of their heel.

If the child’s feet are skinny, then you are lucky as you will not have to buy shoes for your infant every now and then but if the feet are fat then you may have to consider some features. Anyhow, I recommend that you must not always purchase the products that are expensive but always go for the customer reviews and the proper size of the wide shoes for kids.

When your infant starts walking it is necessary that you buy them the shoes that are most comfortable. This is because if the footwear of your kid is not comfortable and he slips every time he walks then it will cause fear in him and he will hesitate walking.

It is no doubt a hard time for parents to choose the best kid shoes for wide feet. This is because they have to confirm the size and also have to check the other features. So, do not worry at all! I have done all the market research that has provided you with the best children’s shoes for chubby feet with their pros and cons also.

Most Rated Best Infant Shoes For Wide Feet

RVROVIC Baby Boys Girlslace-up closureCanvas10/9.8 Check Price!
Tutoo Unisex-Babyelasticized ankle Cotton or Fleece10/9.7 Check Price!
Baby Boy Girl Animalsocks bootiescotton & Leather10/8.8 Check Price!
DEBAIJIA Baby First-Walkingelasticized anklecanvas10/8.8 Check Price!
Littlebeemocs T-Strapelasticized ankleLeather10/9.8 Check Price!
L-RUN Baby Shoesneck designpolyester 10/9.6 Check Price!
Luvable Friends UnisexstylishTextile10/8.7 Check Price!
Stride Rite Soft MotionHook and LoopLeather10/9.2 Check Price!

8 Top Rated Best Kids Shoes for Wide Feet Reviews

There is a wide variety of shoes in the market for infants whose feet are wide. It all depends upon you that what kind of product you want for your child. But are you still confused that what kind of shoe you should buy? If yes, then do not worry at all because I have mentioned some of the best infant shoes for fat feet as follows so you may have the idea which product to buy.

1. RVROVIC Baby Boys Girls – Canvas Toddler Sneakers

Best for anti-Slip infant first walkers 0-18 months

RVROVIC Baby Boys Girls

Check Price At Amazon

If you are looking for adorable, fashionable, and comfortable shoes for your kid with fat feet then these shoes are certainly made for you.

These RVROVIC Baby shoes are canvas shoes and are made up of rubber sole, providing great comfort to the feet of your child. The rubber sole is anti-slippery, and it prevents the infants from slipping and puts the confidence in them of walking.

Additionally, the canvas material is very breathable which keeps the feet at the comfort causing no rash on the feet and helps the feet to grow.  The shoes are best for children having wide feet as they are wider from the front and come in various sizes from 0 to 18 months, giving you a lot of comfort in Let choosing the right shoe for your infant.

If you are among those parents who want to dress your child in a fashionable way, then these are certainly for you. They come in fun colors providing you a wide variety to choose from. Last but not the least, these shoes are very easy to put on and off, saving you the hassle from tying laces, and can be worn anywhere Best Infant Shoes For Wide Feet , in any season.

Who Should Buy This?

 So, if you want the best shoes for infants with wide feet that are fashionable and comfortable at the same time then you must buy this product. RVROVIC canvas shoes are very comfortable and have a wide style, which makes them worth having for the child whose feet are chubby. Additionally, if you are confused and are having a problem in buying the wide toe box toddler shoes for your child, then buy these wide children’s shoes.

What we Like
  • Have a rubber sole
  • Very Comfortable
  • Different sizes
  • Comes in fun colors
What we Did Not Like
  • Have no warranty

2. Tutoo Unisex-Baby – Infant Fleece Bootie

Perfect wide feet infant shoe for crawling, first walkers, and newborn kids

Infant Tutoo Unisex Baby Shoes

Check Price At Amazon

Why are you even wasting your time searching for the best shoes for babies with wide feet or fleece bootie for your newborn?  Tutoo Unisex-Baby Booties are in front of you? The adjustable options of hook loop along with the flexible sole of suede and bottom of non-skid are the most inspiring features. This option allows them to have a stronger grip and hold on the shoes, which means they won’t come out easily. The baby’s shoes will fit on the baby’s feet in the entire event.

These are elastic boots (ankle boots) that can enhance the beauty of your baby girl or baby boy. The sole is slip-resistant, which eases the movement of your baby. In addition, the traction present at the bottom will protect the baby from slipping. The shoes won’t let your baby face any problems later on. If the baby comes across any sharp, pointed, or problematic object, then the shoes will protect his little feet from getting any injury.

These are the Best Infant Shoes For Wide Feet that will enhance the beauty of your little pretty angel. The look of these shoes is fabulous and worth praising. It has a wide range of different and attractive colors, which will, for sure, urge others to praise how beautiful your child is looking. In other words, these shoes will always compliment the dress your baby will be wearing, whether it be an expensive or a normal dress. These shoes will always increase their beauty due to their unique design.

Furthermore, Tutoo Unisex-Baby Newborn Fleece Bootie is suitable for all types of weather. It means, whether the season is turning from a warm day to a cold or snuggle, these shoes will never disappoint you with their design or performance. You just have to select the best shoes for wide feet baby comes in varient color and right size according to your child’s features and likeness.

Who Should Buy This?

These booties are a perfect gift for crawling, first walkers, and newborn kids with wide feet. These are the most comfortable and easy to wear booties available in the market place. Your kid can wear it on all sorts of occasions. The refund policy is quite satisfactory, which means you don’t have to take tension regarding the comfortable like sandal for wide feet infant any loss in the future.

What we Like
  • Adjustable options for closure
  • Breathable ankle boots
  • Slip-resistant and comfortable sole
  • Suitable for both genders
  • No need for socks
  • 100% guarantee of refund policy
What we Did Not Like
  • Tight and uncomfortable closure
  • Looks too big

3. Baby Boy Girl Animal – Moccasins Indoor Slipper

Non-skid slippers perfect indoor choice for your child

Baby Boy Girl Animal Moccasins

Check Price At Amazon

Isn’t it amazing Baby Boy Girl that you can make your child wear beautiful socks for kid fat feet that seem like a pair of shoes? Yes, we have a product that can take care of the baby’s feet and make him feel comfortable. These unisex socks are breathable. It means your baby’s feet will always remain soft, smooth, and cute. You don’t have to worry about any feet of disease.

They won’t cause any irritation on the delicate skin of your baby. They provide a warm and cozy feeling to the newborn. These fluffy, breathable, and lightweight socks are available in different colors. Thus, you can select the color according to your baby’s dress. The colors will always enhance the beauty of the baby, along with his dress. These non-skid indoor slippers are a great choice for your baby girl or baby boy. Therefore, you can buy Best Infant Shoes For Wide Feet for your child, whether it be any gender.

In order to avoid the smell and any disease, you have to wash any socks. Thus, these socks also need to be washed. However, you cannot wash these water socks with extremely hot water at all. According to the manufacturers, you should wash these socks with your hands. Wash them with clean and pure water at an ordinary temperature. Do not use bleach at all during the washing process?

If you are getting confused about the best children’s shoes for wide feet. Or what should you have to loom if you’re buying gift a newborn baby to your family or friend, then these socks aren’t a bad idea at all. It is one of the best and wonderful ideas to gift these socks as a Christmas gift, daughter’s or son’s birthday, family gatherings, or any baby shower. Moreover, these socks aren’t expensive, which means less money and more quality.

Who Should Buy This?

In a nutshell, these non-skid slippers are a perfect choice for kids wide shoes. His soft and cute skin will remain the same for a longer time. In simple words, it won’t get hurt by a sharp thing. These socks are stretchable, comfortable, and soft. They are quite different from traditional socks. They have a unique design and style. Thus, try to buy these socks for your kid as well.

What we Like
  • Unisex socks – girls and boys
  • Fluffy, soft, breathable, and warm texture
  • Non-slip sole (protects the baby from sliding down)
  • Different colors and sizes available
  • Perfect gift material
  • Sweat absorbing and odor resistant material
What we Did Not Like
  • Washable by hand
  • Slippery material – comes out mostly

4. DEBAIJIA Baby First – Walking Shoes

1-4 Years Kid Shoes Trainers Toddler Infant wide feet

DEBAIJIA Baby First Walking

Check Price At Amazon

Calling DEBAIJA best infant shoes for wide feet is absolutely correct. In other words, the synthetic sole, canvas, along with TPR material enhance the quality of these water shoes. These shoes are durable and strong. It means they will last for a longer time and won’t break easily. Thus, you don’t have to worry about your kids breaking the shoes. They can run, walk, and play in these water shoes freely at any time.

They will protect the baby’s wide feet from dirty floors and rough surfaces. Moreover, the TPR material offers shoes toddler with wide feet provides maximum flexibility, anti-slip properties, and elasticity. These shoes are suitable for a child who is from one year to four years old. Thus, it’s a good collection for your child who’s in the growing phase wide toddler boy shoes.

The size printed on the shoes is following the complete rules of the CN standard, which means there is almost no or very few chances of wrong size measurements. However, you must go through the size chart and take the measurements of your child’s feet in order to prevent any further problems due to the fittings.

The different colors and sizes of these shoes are a cherry on the top. You can select the color according to your child’s wishes and clothes. These colors will make your child look prettier, smarter, and beautiful than before. Moreover, these shoes are not at all heavy. In other words, to have the wide baby feet then, the child will feel calm and relax for the entire day.

Who Should Buy This?

These toddlers shoe are quite comfortable until and unless you are selecting the right size for your kid. They are durable, flexible, and easy to wear shoes. You won’t face any issue regarding the material, color, or texture of these shoes. Thus, let your toddler select the best wide toddler fee shoe color for himself so that he can enjoy his picnic.

What we Like
  • Different sizes for toddlers
  • Multiple colors offer several choices
  • Printed sizes follow the rules of CN standard
  • Non-slippery outsoles
  • Flexible and lightweight shoes
  • Simple putting on and taking off method
What we Did Not Like
  • Complaints about hard sole
  • Usually fits around the baby’s ankle – tight

5. Littlebeemocs T-Strap – Boys and Girls Moccasins

Kids-friendly wide feet moccasins are a lightweight, flexible unique style shoe

Littlebeemocs T-Strap Boys and Girls 

Check Price At Amazon

These best wide fit toddler shoes will make your toddler’s picnic a great fun that will be full of enjoyment. In other words, these moccasins are kid-friendly, comfortable, and flexible. The unique style and different colors will make your child look more gorgeous. Moreover Best Infant Shoes For Wide Feet , these moccasins are extremely comfortable, soothing, and restful.

The handcrafting of these shoes takes place in Europe with the help of genuine, soft, and high-quality Italian leather. Thus, you don’t have to worry about the quality of the shoes at all. Moreover, a one-year warranty will ensure in providing you with complete satisfaction. It means if you do not like the quality of these shoes or if you are facing any issue that lies under the guarantee, you can simply contact customer service and report your issue.

These shoes are handcrafted, which means they do not go under any machine for stitching. Thus, you won’t feel any problem due to the stitching or loosening of the shoes. These shoes will always fit perfectly on your baby’s feet. The threads and other materials that the manufacturers are using in the making of these shoes are extremely good and of high quality. Therefore, there is no need to worry about the quality at all.

If you want to gift these Littlebeemoocs T-Strap shoes to any infant, then no need to think twice. You can easily gift them without worrying about the quality or packaging. Whether it be a birthday party, Christmas party, or any other occasion, you can gift these moccasins to the infant without worrying about the quality of the toddler boy-wide sneakers.

Who Should Buy This?

Wrapping it up, these moccasins are a must-have in the shoe’s cupboard or also use as toddler beach shoes for your child. They are high-quality and pretty shoes that aim to promote the beauty of your kid’s dress. These handcrafted shoes will never disappoint you with their performance. The customer service is also good. It is always available to help you in search of toddler beach shoes for your infant’s wide feet.

What we Like
  • Several colors and exclusive styles
  • Comfortable, soft, and high-quality moccasins
  • Stretchy, comfy, and flexible elastic band
  • Beautiful and adorable gift choice
  • Handcrafted shoes
  • Excellent customer service
What we Did Not Like
  • Unpleasant smell
  • Extremely large – improper size

6. L-RUN Baby Shoes – Barefoot Beach Swim Pool

Comfortable & most recommended great choice to be worn near watery places.

L-RUN Baby Barefoot Shoes

Check Price At Amazon

Are you in the search of Best Infant Shoes For Wide Feet for the most flexible shoes in the market for your wide feet child? Yes? These shoes are super flexible, colorful, and fit into various feet sizes, and are surely made for your baby.

These great water shoes are made up of high-quality rubber soles which makes them flexible and protects your infant’s feet from hurting from sharp objects. Additionally, L-Run Baby shoes are also anti-slippery which makes them a great choice to be worn near watery places.

Coming to the material of the shoe, it is made up of polyester and spandex that keep the baby’s feet at ease and cause no harm. Additionally, it is very common that kid shoes can get dirty as they don’t take care of it. Parents have to wash the shoes so that their child remains out of germs. These great shoes are made up of such material that dries quickly after washing making the life of parents hassle-free.

Furthermore, these shoes are very easy to put on and off, causing no hassle at all. Apart from this, these shoes have a wide usage. They can be worn anywhere where you feel comfortable. However, they come in adult size too. So, if you want your infant to wear the same shoes as yours then it is the best opportunity you have.

Who Should Buy This?

If you are looking for shoes for big kids having wide feet and want to do matching with your infant, then go for this product. I recommend that you should buy these shoes if you and your baby want to do matching and wants to look super adorable together. Additionally, they are very comfortable for running and jogging purposes which is a great positive feature in them.

What we Like
  • Made up of Rubber sole
  • Super comfortable
  • Water-resistant
  • Comes in adult sizes
  • Comes in various colors
What we Did Not Like
  • Have no warranty
  • Expensive

7. Luvable Friends Unisex – Baby Moccasin 12-18 Months

Affordable baby moccasin shoes for fun, fashionable, and trendy

Luvable Friends Unisex Baby

Check Price At Amazon

This great toddler shoes wide thick feet girl will never disappoint you with its overall quality and performance. The 100 percent polyester material makes sure to provide your child with loads of softness, comfort, and gentleness. Don’t think about more this what shoe brands are good for wide feet; these are cozy, smooth fleece wide adidas shoe booties.

These imported Luvable shoes won’t burden you with the cleaning method as well. You can even wash them in your machine. Thus, it will save time and energy. Moreover, the snap closure method will allow easy taking off of the shoes along with the easy wearing method.

Washing these booties is not at all a difficult task. You don’t need to use your hands and spend loads of time washing them with soap and water. The only step you need to do is to put them in a washing machine and turn it on. The booties will come out clean and neat within a few minutes.

You can have a look at the different colors in which these booties are available. In simple words, these colors are quite unique and different. You can easily buy the best shoes for chubby feet that come under the favorite color of your child. Moreover, these booties come in different and various sizes. Thus, you don’t need to stress about the size or color at all Best Infant Shoes For Wide Feet .

Cream tan, charcoal heather, heather gray, and many more colors are in high demand. However, you can even choose your favorite color, whether it be any color the quality will always remain the same. All you need for buying the best shoes for chubby feet to do is to visit the website and select the size and color depending upon your kid’s choice of best shoes for toddlers with wide feet.

Who Should Buy This?

Concluding these booties in a few words, they are a perfect compliment for your baby’s dress. You may face issues with the size. But if you select the size accordingly, you won’t face any problem further on. The colors and outer look of this shoe are quite inspiring. They will make your baby look the prettiest and cutest. Moreover, you can easily clean the shoes by yourself. There is no need to invest in laundries or other shoes.

What we Like
  • Snap closure – ease to wear and take off
  • Uses 100% polyester in the manufacturing process
  • Wide range of sizes – infants and toddlers
  • Different colors and excellent style
  • Simple cleaning method
What we Did Not Like
  • Problems with size
  • Poor packaging within the box

8. Stride Rite Soft Motion – Baby and Toddler Shoes

Durable Athletic Comfortable Sneaker For Infants

Stride Rite Soft Motion Baby and Toddler

Check Price At Amazon

We see that most of the parents get worried when they looking for shoes for their baby with wide feet. However, stride rite is always the amazing brand that provides each and every type of shoes for different age groups. A great quality shoe that is worth money and also the perfect choice for first walkers.

The color of this outfit looks more natural than every parent wants to get for their babies. The outer look and sole are perfect and lightweight that helps the toddler to keep on their feet that feel them barefoot. This is Best Infant Shoes For Wide Feet comes with soaring in style and SRT SM Bambi sneakers. The rubber outsole of the shoes keeps the baby safe to slip. So, that baby enjoys walking without falling down.

Another amazing feature that you will get with these shoes is the hook and loop closure. That is not only to provide grip to the baby’s feet but also to work in terms of adjustability. If your baby’s feet are not too wide then you can also adjust using the hook and loop closure. Even in unsafe areas, babies can walk easily because of lightweight shoes and rubber outsoles. As per our recommendation you should go Sride Rite for this product that is super suitable in all aspects.

Who Should Buy This?

If we conclude this shoes then can say that not only the outer look but the quality and fitting of shoes is just stunning. Upper sole is made of 100% leather and rubber outer sole make it light in weight and slip resistent. Shoes is also durable and perfect for walking.

What we Like
  • Hook and Loop adustable closure
  • Made of 100% leather
  • Slip resistent
  • Durable
  • Fit for wide feet babies
What we Did Not Like
  • Run very small
  • Get dirty due to light color

How to Buy Wide Width Shoes for Kids in 2022?

Every parent wants to have a shoe for their child which looks absolutely adorable and is also comfortable to walk in. Anyhow, sometimes it becomes difficult to choose wide width toddler shoes and there are several reasons for it.

Whenever you buy the shoe for your kid with wide feet make sure you buy the one that is accurately sized with an infant’s feet. There are many ways to check the size of the feet, make sure you follow them Best Infant Shoes For Wide Feet. Additionally, when you buy the best baby shoes for wide feet, look at the design of the shoe. If it’s wide, then buy the shoe.

Furthermore, one tip I would like to give you is that whenever you buy the shoe for kids with wide feet press the shoe from the toe to see if there is additional space in there or not. This will keep the feet comfortable. Apart from this, when you are satisfied with the main features then look for sole, padding, material, and price of the shoe toddler wide sneakers.

Closing Thoughts!

Choosing a shoe for your wide feet child is not an easy task and I can understand your confusion. But as I have given you all of the information needed to buy the best infant shoes for wide feet, now you should be at ease. Make your decision about buying the best shoe for your kid.

Always, first look at the size of your child’s feet and measure it properly as this is the most important factor. There are many ways by which you can check the size of your kid’s feet. Once you are satisfied with the size, now look for the different features in the shoe you want to have.

The sole and material of the shoe are the main things to be considered. Make sure you buy that shoe that has a flexible sole and is wider from the front. This will keep your child, at ease no matter what. Apart from this, when to buy wide toddler shoes you are satisfied with the main requirements, then go for additional features such as colors, style, etc.

Lastly, always check the customer reviews while buying the best product for your kid. This will make your confusion go and you will be able to buy the right product for your child.

Infant Shoes For Wide Feet FAQS

1. What shoes are best for babies with wide feet?

What are the best walking shoes for Wide Feet
  • Stride Rite Soft Motion Bambi Sneaker – Best for Infant/Toddler Shoes. …
  • Nike Kids’ Revolution 4 (TDV) – Best Running Shoe for Wide Feet. …
  • ikiki Squeaky Shoes for Toddlers – Best Shoe with On/Off Squeaker Switch.

2. Do they make infant shoes in wide?

Retailers that have extra wide toddler shoes

Here are the best options when looking for wide width shoes for your tot: Stride rite. Saucony. Merrell.

3. What shoe brands are best for wide feet?

These Are the Best Sneakers for Wide Feet, According to a Podiatrist
  • Vionic Tokyo Sneaker.
  • Vionic Abigal Lace-Up.
  • Nothing New Low Top Sneakers.
  • New Balance 720 Sneakers.
  • Vionic Demetra Slip-On Sneaker.
  • Saucony Kinvara 8 Running Shoe.
  • Vionic Alaina Sock Sneakers.
  • Vans Old Skool Sneaker.

4. Do most babies have wide feet?

Kids feet grow quickly, quicker than most of us realize. Young children should be in shoes that have plenty of room to wiggle their toes and ample room for their feet to grow. Babies are born with wide feet and their toes spread out like a fan.

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