Best Ballet Shoes For Toddlers

Best Ballet Shoes For ToddlersBallet is a form of performing art, usually accompanied by music, in which a trained dancer performs various steps, movements, and poses, usually wearing pointe shoes and Best Ballet Shoes For Toddlers.  It has evolved over the years, but the basic principles of ballet still remain the same, regardless of a dancer’s level of expertise or the style he or she may practice.

When it comes to getting your kids ready for their first ballet class, it can be quite a daunting task. Ballet is primarily a dance form that requires a lot of flexibility and dexterity. To get your kids ready for the class, you may need to get them some best ballet shoes. 

It is an important part of the dancer’s attire. The shoes can affect the performance of the dancer to a great extent. The ballet shoes should be very light in weight and should have a good grip. It should be comfortable enough to be worn by the dancer and should have the right appearance to look good.

The blog will help you determine what to consider when it comes to choosing the best ballet shoes for toddlers.

Best Ballet Shoes For Toddlers – Buying Guide

Ballet shoes are not just for professional ballerinas! In fact, ballet shoes can be a great asset to your toddler’s development, whether she is just starting out in dance or has been dancing for years. Here are some of the features that make ballet shoes perfect for toddlers: 

1. Foot Arch Support

A good pair of ballet shoes will provide your child with excellent foot arch support, which is crucial for proper development. 

2. Ballet Shoe Sizes

When choosing a size for your little one’s ballet slippers, it is important to keep in mind that these shoes are typically sized in European sizes. To get the best size for your child, you can measure her foot length and refer to a ballet shoe sizing chart that provides conversions from European to American measurement systems.

3. Ballet Shoe Width

Most dance instructors will recommend purchasing a pair of ballet slippers that have a snug fit. This is because ballet slippers that are too large can cause your child to trip while dancing. To ensure the best possible fit, you should measure your child’s foot and compare it with sizing information provided by various manufacturers.

4. Improper fit

Unfortunately, many parents assume that their little girl is a perfect size six or seven, which means that they end up buying a pair of ballet slippers from the store without measuring their child’s feet. To avoid this mistake and ensure the best possible fit for your baby, it is always better to measure first and then shop for ballet shoes online or at a dance clothing retailer.

5. What to avoid

When purchasing ballet shoes for your child, you should be on the lookout for any stitching that seems weak or flimsy. This type of construction can easily rip apart and may not last even one season! Similarly, any pairs that seem to have excess glue near the toe section should also be avoided as these types of shoes are likely to fall apart after a few uses.

If you’re just starting out in dance, then you may wonder why it is important to invest in the right kind of ballet shoes. After all, there are plenty of inexpensive options available on the market. However, a good pair of ballet slippers will provide a number of benefits to make them well worth the price.

5. Ballet Shoes Can Help You Learn

When it comes to dancing, your ballet slipper choice can make a big difference in your ability to learn new moves and master advanced techniques. In fact, the wrong pair of shoes may even cause injury as your child learns how to interpret her movements correctly. A good pair of Best Ballet Shoes For Toddlers will help give your child proper support so that she can perform with ease.

6. She will have a better balance

Ballet slippers are typically constructed out of leather. This type of material offers excellent protection for your baby’s feet, but it also ensures that the ballet shoes are sturdy and durable enough to last through many dance practices.

The stability provided by leather construction can also help boost your child’s sense of balance, which will come in handy if she is ever forced to perform an act on stage.

7. She will be more comfortable

Yes, the stitching may not look as pretty as you would like it to! However, a good pair of ballet shoes will last longer than cheap pairs made from cheaper materials. Plus, they will fit your child’s feet much better since cheap ballet shoes are generally mass-produced and tend to be one-size-fits-all.

8. A good fit is key

Poorly fitting footwear can cause a lot of problems, especially for young children who are still developing their motor skills. A good pair of ballet shoes will fit your little one’s feet snugly, but they should also be flexible for ease of movement.

9. The right shoes are safe

While you might think that any footwear can do when it comes to dancing, this is simply not true. Cheaply made ballet slippers may look great on the surface, but they often contain materials that can cause injury to your child. In fact, some brands of ballet shoes may even give off toxic chemicals like formaldehyde and phthalates, which have been known to cause serious health problems.

5 Best Ballet Shoes For Toddlers In 2022

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Bloch Unisex-ChildLeather Check Price!
Stelle Girls BalletPU material Check Price!
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Capezio Cobra 2033CLeather Check Price!

1. Capezio Daisy 205 Ballet Shoe 

Carrying the tradition of quality and innovation, Capezio Daisy 205 Ballet Shoe (Toddler/Little Kid) is a fresh, feminine take on the classic ballet flat. Soft leather upper with a padded collar provides comfort and support.

Capezio Daisy 205 Ballet Shoe

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Finishing touches include a lightly padded insole and a textured, non-skid sole for traction. This vegan ballet flat is an excellent choice. A full chrome tanned suede leather outsole for durability, this ballet flat is made for pressing and pliéing with ease.

These slippers feature a soft cotton lining Best Ballet Shoes For Toddlers, unisex non-print lining, a textured sole for better floor contact, and an elastic drawstring for a secure fit. Unlike many other slippers, the Daisy 205 is pre-attached with 5/8″ criss-cross elastics and no need to use an elastic threader.

The satin “This Belongs To” ID tag is not just a pretty embellishment, but a helpful identification tool for lost slippers. Available in sizes 6 to 12.

What we Like
  • Light weight
  • Durable leather
  • Full chrome tanned suede leather outsole
  • Drawstring for extra hold
  • Daisy print cotton lining
What we Did Not Like
  • Size chart is not accurate

2. Bloch Unisex-Child Dance Girl’s – Leather Ballet Shoe

Bloch is the world’s leading manufacturer of high-quality dance footwear, apparel, and accessories. Bloch’s line of dance shoes, ballet shoes, and jazz shoes are worn by men and women, boys and girls as young as three years old, and by professional dancers, who rave about this high-quality shoe.

Bloch Unisex Child Dance

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The Bloch Dansoft Leather Ballet Shoe is a stylish classic with traditional styling. This leather ballet shoe has everything you want in a quality shoe for the price, including a leather sole and leather throughout.

The Dansoft sole is similar to the Sof Sole used in many Bloch and Capezio shoes. The V-cut construction makes this shoe very comfortable to wear and allows the shoe to flex and conform to the foot.

Best Ballet Shoes For Toddlers features a vinyl elastic over the instep, which can save the need for an actual drawstring. This shoe is great for the beginner and will fit average feet with a medium to narrow heel.

The pre-sewn elastic heel strap helps ensure a secure fit. It also has an elastic drawstring to adjust the shoe to hug the foot. This shoe is a unisex-child shoe, so it is an adult size shoe, but it is specially designed to fit a child’s foot.

What we Like
  • Flexible
  • Strong shoes
  • Pre sewn elastic strap
  • Cotton lining
  • Leather sole
What we Did Not Like
  • Too narrow in size

3. Stelle Girls Ballet Practice Shoes – Yoga Shoes for Dancing

These are adorable and very well-constructed ballet shoes! They are perfect for everyday wear and also for performances and photoshoots. These shoes are made of high-quality materials so they are durable and long-lasting. There is a soft, spongy insole to make sure they are comfortable.

Stelle Girls Ballet Practice Shoes

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The soles are leather-like and flexible and they have tiny, flat heels to make them safer for walking and performing. The shoe has a soft stretchy ballet-like elastic ankle band. They are great for everyday wear, to parties and weddings, and are easy to travel with because they are light and fold flat. They would make a very cute gift.

Best Ballet Shoes For Toddlers Designed for regular wear, they are soft and comfortable, wear-resisting, and non-slip, these shoes are also easy to clean with a wet cloth.

The shoes are supposed to fit close to the foot, they aren’t supposed to fit like regular street shoes. Please measure your children’s foot length for safety and get the best fit. Your toddler girl will feel all grown up in sparkly pink, gold, and black ballet shoes.

What we Like
  • Lightweight
  • Perfect for dancing
  • High-quality PU material
  • Comfortable to wear
  • Leather antiskid sole
What we Did Not Like
  • Not applicable

4. Stelle Premium Authentic Leather – Baby Ballet Slipper

Experience all the joy of dancing without any of the foot pain with these incredibly lightweight shoes from Stelle. This handmade pair is crafted from premium, authentic leather and features a leather sole.

Stelle Premium Authentic Leather Baby Ballet

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The leather upper is soft, durable, and breathable, while the leather insole offers excellent arch support.  The ballet slipper is lined in soft and breathable skin-friendly fabric, while the outer sole is slip-resistant.

Whether your child is beginning to learn the basics or is ready for a serious workout, these shoes will help them build confidence and improve their technique. These kids’ ballet slippers are also perfect for babies that are learning to walk.

The shoes have an elastic drawstring which makes them easier to put on, and you don’t need to worry about your little girl’s foot sliding out of them.

Get a pair Best Ballet Shoes For Toddlers for your little ballerinas today! Refer to the shoe size chart in images for proper sizing.

What we Like
  • Leather upper
  • Leather sole
  • Breathable
  • Durable
  • Skin-friendly fabric
What we Did Not Like
  • Not applicable

5. Capezio Toddler Leather Cobra 2033C Ballet Shoe

Get the right footwear for your budding ballerina with the Capezio Toddler/Little Kid Leather Cobra 2033C Ballet Shoe. Designed with a flexible suede sole and upper, this shoe gives your child the proper support, flexibility, and durability needed for dance training.

Capezio Leather Cobra 2033C Ballet Shoe

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Available in traditional and contemporary ballet shoes, Capezio will get your child started on the right foot in ballet. The shoe’s suede sole guarantees extra grip that is essential for children’s feet. A shoe to be proud of and one that will last over the years.

The leather upper is specially designed to be flexible and form to the foot, promoting natural movement, while a suede sole provides a stable platform for balance and strength. With its classic ballet styling, this flat cotton shoe for kids is both stylish and functional.

Best Ballet Shoes For Toddlers Your little ballerina will thank you for buying her this amazing product. This shoe’s sizing is equivalent to street shoe size.

What we Like
  • 100% leather
  • Lightweight
  • Soft leather
  • Split suede sole
  • Pre-attached elastic straps
What we Did Not Like
  • No insole


Best Ballet Shoes For Toddlers are not just for experienced dancers. In fact, they can be a great way to help toddlers learn balance and coordination. If you are looking for a good pair of ballet shoes for your toddler, be sure to check out the options available online. You will likely find a wider variety of styles and sizes available than in stores, and you can often get a better price online as well.

Make sure to read reviews before making your purchase to ensure that you are getting a quality product. With a little bit of research, you can find the perfect ballet shoes for your little one and help them take their first steps on their dance journey.

Among many options available in the market Bloch Dansoft Leather Ballet Shoes are one of the best options for ballet. There’s just something about those soft, pink slippers that make a girl feel special. 

FAQs for Best Ballet Shoes For Toddlers

1. What is the best ballet shoe brand?

There are many shoe brands to choose from, and the right shoe is not just about the expense and quality of the materials. A good shoe will fit your foot and allow you to easily point your foot and toe without straining your tendons.

2. How do toddlers wear ballet shoes?

One way is to tie them to the feet of the toddler.  It is better to try this with soft ballet shoes though, as sometimes the shoes get damaged.  

Another way is to get ballet shoes that have an elastic band that can be tied around the ankle.  There are also ballet shoes that have Velcro straps that can be adjusted in order to fit the feet of the toddler.

3. Do toddlers need ballet shoes?

If you do decide to enroll your toddler in a ballet class, it’s a good idea to purchase them a good pair of shoes specifically designed for ballet. These shoes will have a soft sole and will be flexible enough to allow the child to move their feet easily. 

4. Are Stelle ballet shoes good?

Some people swear by Stelle ballet shoes, while others find them uncomfortable. The best way to find out if they are right for you is to try a pair on and see how they feel.


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