9 Best Baby Shoes For Wide Feet in 2021 [Reviews & Guide]

Have you noticed your baby feet are narrow, wide, or chubby? Shopping for Best Baby Shoes For Wide Feet is the biggest struggle among all. It is quite important to ever select the right shoes with the best fitting and comfortable for growing feet.

Certainly important to have baby shoes that are fit in all types of events. Shoes should be comfortable and provide protection to toddlers again falling and slipping. Baby feet grow very quickly so that select pair of shoes that run wider and easy to put on and off.

Before to go online and purchase wide baby shoes for babies with fat feet. Then first you go and confirm the fit size, look out, and check the curled toe for wide toddler feet. It’s quite hard to time for parents to have the best collection of baby shoes to put them easily. Make sure walking shoes are enough precise than previous and gorgeous look for chubby feet.

How to Buy Shoes for Wide Feet Toddlers in 2021?

For the extra wide toddler shoes, you should first check wide toe and the wide roomy box that provides natural feel while walking. toddler shoes made for wide feet including features as wide width, fit size, and wide closure help babies to easily move and also provide enough grip to their toe. Synthetic material, leather, wide toe room, Velcro closure, flexibility, and traction make all branded list of making baby shoes at top and well eminent among the parents. All these features make the walking experience closer to barefoot for wide toddler feet

Common mistakes parents while the selection of shoes for babies is to stick with the same shoe style as labeled wide toddler shoes. Different babies have different wide toe sizes, the structure of bone that’s why we can’t go for assuming of wide shoes for a toddler. However, measurement of baby feet size is necessary and should keep some points in mind as extra depth allow the baby to easily adjust and rounded toe box prevent overlapping one side to another. That’s why the baby wears long comfortable and easy to put on and off these Best Baby Shoes For Wide Feet.

In this millstone to pick one best pair of shoes as best for wide toddlers our branded list selection makes your work easy. Because all these shoes are comfortable, flexible, with wide toe box, extra depth, rounded toe, roomy fit, and promote mussels development. Baby feet grow very quickly so they must go for one pair that is fit to children’s feet and have adoring look. High-quality leather soft sole inner and outer sole with rubber and traction closure make shoes as fit to walk. Go for this checklist it would be helpful to purchase one best.

Most Rated Best Baby Shoes For Wide Feet

Stride Rite Kids'hook & loop Leather & Synthetic10/9.9 Check Price!
Sperry Halyardhook & loop closureFabric10/9.4 Check Price!
K-Swiss Kid’sLace ClosureSynthetic10/9.8 Check Price!
Native Shoe KidsWaterproofSynthetic10/8.4 Check Price!
New Balance KA680Lace ClosureLeather & Mesh10/8.8 Check Price!
Adidas Toddler Baselinehook & loop Leather10/8.7 Check Price!
KEEN Unisex Kidlace systemTextile10/7.5 Check Price!
ASICS Noosa Trihook & loopLeather & Synthetic10/7.9 Check Price!
Royal Victory CribsStrapsPU Leather10/7.9 Check Price!

9 Top Rated Best Toddler Shoes Wide Feet Reviews

A stunning pick for the toddler, little kids, first step walkers, and infant is available with wide, extra wide support of breathable material. Here is our top pick as Good Toddler Shoes For Wide Feet. All branded shoes make your choice easy and stunning that look perfect for your little kids.

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1. Stride Rite Kid’s Soft Motion – Jamie Sneaker

Always perfect brand fit for first walker kids ever

Stride Rite Kid's Soft Motion

Check Price At Amazon

Collection of Stride rite is everything in the list of toddler shoes for wide chubby feet. Synthetic and leather sole footwear are specifically made for growing feet. It always encourages the kids and supports them to walk. That’s why this is a top choice in our list for wide feet children. Rubber sole and flexible shoes always promote the healthy development of feet. Rounded sole with balancing feet provide enough comfort and resist baby feet to fall and decrease stumble.

Feet memory foam footbed enhances homely and wide opening also best for easy to use. Stride rite made shoes with a wide room that your baby feet grow naturally with deep flex grooves. When the baby feels pleasant naturally while walking. Hook and loop Velcro closure make it more trouble-free to put on and off. This brand of shoes helps them to run, walk, jump, leap, and grow themselves and encourages to wearing Best Baby Shoes For Wide Feet. Ankle rolling inward rather fit well. Moreover, no issue with washing and drying as easy to wash.

With chubby and wide feel stride rite are always on the top for growing feet and development of healthy footwear. Parents always looking for easy to wash and easy to put on and off shoes. This brand always made cute, amazing, well quality, and adoring shoes for both baby girls and boys. With Velcro closure, hook and loop closure it would be easy for parents to wear shoes to their babies. The soft sole and wider toe are perfect for today’s choice. This brand is rated as 4.3 stars at Amazon.

What we Like
  • Synthetic and leather sole footwear
  • Deep flex grooves
  • Rounded toe box
  • Great fit with upper rubber portion
  • Comfortable and perfect walking shoes for toddler
What we Did Not Like
  • Velcro closure does not stay on
  • Size issues

2. Sperry Halyard Hook & Loop – Toddler Boat Shoe

One of Perfect quality adoring shoes for little one’s wider feet

Sperry Halyard Hook & Loop

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To buy children’s shoes for wide feet is quite hard for parents. Sperry halyard hook and loop boat come in the market with flexible and lightweight features. These well stylish and quality shoes can wear with all types of dress. Baby feels pleasant and comfy when they walk. Especially this brand provides shoes with warm-up leather and stylish designs. Different colors and sizes as medium and wide are available in this brand.

Inside padded and canvas upper comfy shoes for kids. Medium and wide size comes with double hook and loop closure for wider feet babies. Flexible rubber sole and enough fitting allow plenty of traction and free naturally walking inside and outside. Sitting on the floor and running this sole is much comfortable than any other. Best sneakers for toddlers with wide feet nice and balance fit shoes are pretty good for kids who are just learning to walk.

Double Velcro closure, hook and loop strap always best for baby with wider feet. Extra-wide toe, rounded toe box, and rubber sole with inside padded make are much comfy. For running and walking this good-looking adoring shoes with 100% leather quality is perfect at all. Our best review and unbiased make your choice easy and you may go for one comfortable with little bit weak reviews Best Baby Shoes For Wide Feet. Still these shoes in the list of wide and medium toddler shoes rated as 4.5 stars at Amazon.

What we Like
  • Easy to put in wider feet
  • Double hook and loop closure
  • Warm leather well-made quality shoes
  • Lightweight and flexible
  • Padded inside
  • Canvas upper
What we Did Not Like
  • Velcro closure exposes
  • The strap is too short and Velcro is too long

3. K-Swiss Kid’s Classic – VN Sneaker Lace Closure

One of classic style durable all-day comfort sneakers for big kids 

K-Swiss Kid’s Classic VN Sneaker

Check Price At Amazon

Imported rubber sole shoes for kids from 1 to 8 years old available in this brand of K-Swiss Kid’s Class VN sneakers in black, white, and some other sparkling colors. For best big kid shoes for wide feet, this brand is top ranking among the parents with wide feet kids. In terms of quality and flexibility, you found this brand at the top kids with big feet.

However, before being purchased for your kids you know about the feet size. Then pick these textile collar lining shoes that are more comfortable and flexible to long-wearing. Let’s come to know In wide running shoes with comfort to fit and easy to put also provide dry feet naturally feel and lace closure. Lace fastening comes with metal D-ring for custom adjustability.

Cushioned midsole flexible and homely shoes are always best for wide feet toddlers and kids with age up to 8 years. Molded rubber outsole and leather or synthetic upper put sky rocking shoes choice for kids. Adoring and pure quality with long-running this brand as K-Swiss would help you select easily one best pair in this milestone. This is specially made with all size wide, extra wide, medium, and half size for wide and chubby feet child.

If you want to get synthetic sole with leather upper then you must go for these shoes. Let’s come to know what are different shoes size that is roomy to fit to your wide feet children. In the size chart, you see that K-Swiss comes with half size, medium, wide, and extra-wide.

What we Like
  • Synthetic and leather upper
  • Cushioned midsole shoes
  • Molded rubber outsole
  • Comes with all size
  • Best fit for wide toddler feet
What we Did Not Like
  • Print wrong name KAY-Swiss instead K-Swiss
  • Does not long run

4. Native Shoe Kids – Waterproof and Odor Resistant

One of great waterproof shoes & summer shoes for wider feet

Native Shoe Kids Waterproof

Check Price At Amazon

Native is one of the soft, plan, and adorable choice of the parent as toddler walking shoes for wide thick feet girl and boys. This waterproof and synthetic sole shoe always best and friendly in each and every environment. Kids always love this adoring and fantastic choice. This chubby wide feet shoes with wide toe roomy boxes make a stunning choice in summer.

Nowadays, with the amazing brand as Native your selection and struggle in the selection of chubby and thicker feet decrease. As you find this rubber sole, odor resistance, and water-friendly shoes. I personally feel hesitate to look for the best fit and quality shoes for chubby feet. Then I found this native brand shoes with miller style. Then get relax that it has all features as I want and run wider than any other shoes. Lightweight injection-molded EVA construction makes it more easy to use. That’s why this is included in the top brand of best baby shoes for wide feet.

A wide toe room is much enough to provide space to walk easily and spread their toe around. This is also helpful for growing feet. However, only one drawback is that if you put them directly to heat or in a hot car then get shrink than the original size. So, be careful about it otherwise, in wearing these shoes is most comfortable and nice.’

With little drawbacks of these shoes that are not a big deal mostly parents accept this choice. Native basically wide toe and wide roomy box shoes for wider feet kids to provide enough space to run and walk easily. Soft rubber sole, odor resistance, water-friendly, lightweight, and easy to put on and take off shoes. However, shrink on direct heat. The synthetic sole and friendly to every environment shoes always the best choice.

What we Like
  • Soft rubber sole shoes
  • Odor resistance
  • Easy to put on and off
  • Water-friendly shoes
  • Easy to fit in each environment and best for summer
  • Injection-molded EVA construction
  • Lightweight flexible
What we Did Not Like
  • Shrink in heat
  • Higher molded inside
  • Extra-wide

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5. New Balance KA680 – Infant/Toddler Running Shoe

Perfect incredibly all-day running sneakers for active kid’s

New Balance KA680 - Infant/Toddler

Check Price At Amazon

In the big and best 8 companies for producing wide shoes for toddler boy new balance is a top 5. These great shoes come with a choice as you get for older ones. Quality leather and mesh upper is always happened best for wide feet toddler. More streamlined designs and rubber sole make is a perfect choice at all.

The finest shoes with fit design and perfect quality are New Balance KA680. These shoes only come with Velcro fastener but laces are just like elastic in front. By wearing these shoes toddler can easily run and play. I would recommend these shoes as my toddler likes to wear all the time as a breathable interior exist that allow feet to the wearer. However, few parents consider this as a bad feature. Because a breathable interior allows air into the shoes. Then children feel while wearing these shoes.

The parent always likes this stunning choice in the market while they are just looking at best sneakers for toddlers with wide feet and a wide pace. Then New Balance is one of the perfect and high-quality shoes among all. You may go for it without any weak features.

Best rated shoes with all the best quality you find New balance at the top. Nice looking chubby feet comes with true size and dedicated shoes for wider feet. Easy to put and easy to get shoes with Velcro fastener can be made the final choice and shop around different colors and designs. Nice looking and a great fit with toe and Velcro fastener makes it more easy to put on and easy to put off. This pair of shoes is easy to wash but the only drawback is that the mesh area gets dirty quickly.

What we Like
  • Best chubby feet shoes
  • Provide Velcro closure
  • Easy to wash
  • Rubber sole shoes
  • Non-marking outsole
What we Did Not Like
  • Upper mesh get quickly dirty
  • Do not run longer

6. Adidas Toddler Baseline – Everyday shoes

Cute looking & comfy everyday shoes with wider feet for kids

Adidas Toddler Baseline Everyday

Check Price At Amazon

Adidas also provides the best school shoes for wide feet. If you are looking for wide toddler feet with approximately low top arc then go for this brand of shoes for your baby. Fit rubber sole and perfect leather upper shoes always fit for babies to wear all the time. In this milestone of searching for amazing and adoring shoes with good performance then Adidas is also in the list of our stunning choice.

The main factor that’s why parents like these shoes are upper leather durability. Two hooks and loop closure is fantastic in wearing in and out. This is a perfect match as toddler shoes for extra wide feet. Rubber capsule of Adidas toddler shoes provides extra traction. Which prevents the kids from falling down and put longer than any other brand shoes. Absolutely adorable fit perfectly choice is recommended always both for baby girl and baby boy. Wider size of this shoe makes it easier to get on and off. However, Velcro closure provides enough support and adjustability features.

Adidas toddler kids’ shoes are the perfect and adoring choices for wide and extra-wide feet. Extra-wide toe box and capsule traction to make them comfy and homely. If you have a baby with wide feet then we always recommend these branded shoes rated 4.7 stars out of all 5 stars at Amazon. Super cute and fit size is the best choice among all. If you are looking for adorable and wonderful quality Best Baby Shoes For Wide Feet then don’t ignore this brand.

What we Like
  • Highly recommended extra wide toddler feet shoes
  • Fit size
  • Capsule traction
  • Comfort and easy to wear
  • Synthetic leather upper
  • Durable shoes
What we Did Not Like
  • Velcro strap off the shoes
  • Not comes in the box
  • Low color quality

7. KEEN Newport H2 Sandal – Toddler version

One of stunning & adoring summer sandal collection for everyday use

KEEN Newport H2 Sandal

Check Price At Amazon

Textile made imported wide kid shoes outdoor then you might go for Keen Newport H2 Sandal. High-quality synthetic sole shoes come with a lot of color and style. This shoe is enough encouraging for children to put shoes themselves. Synthetic sole made these shoes the best choice Best Baby Shoes For Wide Feet among all and rated sound best at amazon.

Elastic cord lace and other option as hook and loop strap is always an adjustable choice. A stunning and adoring collection for kids is also washable and easy to dry. Keen shoes are much more comfortable and adoring shoes than all others. However, the toe of shoes is more tighten than recommended. Otherwise, wearing this is nice and still great shoes without socks. Parents can select extra wide toddler sneakers this choice if they are looking for outdoor shoes for their babies.

With little bit weak features still Keen Newport H2 sandal is enough good at all. Here dominating features as washable and easy to dry, synthetic sole, children can put on and get off themselves. Another best features are elastic cord lace and also hook and loop to adjust hoes at any size at thick, thin, wide, and extra-wide. The only back feature is toe is tight in wearing than other brands. However, overall quality and looking at this is very nice and adoring.

What we Like
  • Imported synthetic sole shoes
  • Elastic cord lace at upper sole
  • Hook and loop strap
  • Easy to wash and dry
What we Did Not Like
  • Waterproof in youth style
  • The strap has poor quality

8. ASICS Noosa Tri 10 TS – Running Shoes

Top branded running shoes for indoor and outdoor activities for kids

ASICS Noosa Tri 10 TS

Check Price At Amazon

These shoes for wide feet are not labeled. However, every step toddler and kids can wear because this is a perfect fit for all types of feet with narrow, wide, and extra-wide feet. Synthetic sole with breathable upper mesh this pair of best shoes are specially designed as comfortable and easy to wear shoes. This comes with two options as fixed elastic and the second one is hook and loop closure. Yes, with the help of these you can fit enough as needed and also help in wearing.

All features of these shoes make as listed item good shoes for kids with wide feet. Adoring look and beautiful choice among all make it perfect for outdoor use. Another term is that this one is made with comfortable features and a healthy lifestyle. A roomy fit and other soft sole features make it enough perfect in growing of baby feet. So, parents, you might go to this selection and fit your baby feet.

Soft sole with synthetic material ASICS Noosa is now in the list of top branded shoes for wider feet. A few disappointing features you get for everyone style. However, all others are perfect and honestly stunning selection. Homely for both indoor and outdoor use. No issue with size as comes with elastic closure and hook and loop closure. Which provides easiness to put on and get off. However, fresher for long-wearing wide fit toddler shoes.

What we Like
  • Utmost comfort
  • Easy to put on
  • Hook and loop closure
  • Perfect choice for outdoor
  • Holding up nicely
What we Did Not Like
  • Different size from other sneakers

9. Royal Victory Baby Shoes – Crib Shoes

Toddler & Infant Shoes For Walking Indoor & Outdoor

Royal Victory Baby Shoes

Check Price At Amazon

Now, you are at the 9th product of this list. However, RVROVIC always provides high quality and good features, especially in baby products. Royal Victory Toddler baby shoes are made of PU leather that is fit for both baby girls and boys. The high-quality leather is very soft and breathable that makes the shoes comfortable.

These shoes do not only have good look but all the features make it a stunning choice that is perfectly fit for wide feet babies. Adjustable straps are very convenient and helpful to put the shoes very easily on and off. As you know you can adjust it customized that provides grip to keep the shoes on feet.

The other amazing thing that you get that is it crafted very well which makes it anti-slip and lightweight. For natural movement, we highly recommend this baby crib. For all purposes you can use it for walking, crawling, other indoor and outdoor use. Because it is versatile and durable shoes. That’s why listed in our top picks Best Baby Shoes For Wide Feet .

What we Like
  • Easy to put on and off
  • Comfortable
  • Comes with adjustable Straps
  • Good choice for all purpose use
  • Anti slip crib for babies
  • Made of PU leather
What we Did Not Like
  • Not durable for crawlers

Closing Thoughts!

Best Toddler Shoes for wide feet and high instep then our top branded list you get all best and high-quality products. Parents with wider and chubby feet toddlers struggle hard to find quality and good looking shoes. Because the growth of baby feet, bones structure, and wider toe everything should be underlined while purchasing wide child shoes. Above our collection have sneakers for kids with wide feet with a wider toe box, roomy fit for growing feet, enough traction, elastic last, and comfortable shoes adorning sandals for toddlers with wide range of collection.

Our list of best baby shoes for wide feet is enough perfect so that you might go for anyone. Every product has its own pros and cons of wide children’s shoes. But in the market, all these are rating well so that parents might go for any of them. All these are perfect fit, flexible, and comes with leather and synthetic sole. Best children’s shoes for wide feet which provides adjustable features with hook and loop closure.

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