Best Baby Shoes For Narrow Feet

Best Baby Shoes For Narrow Feet of 2020 Reviewed

Do you find it challenging to get the best baby shoes for narrow feet the right size of shoes for your baby, who has narrow feet? If that is so, we have gathered up some buying baby shoes for narrow feet and enlisted them for your ease. But before buying a shoe for your kid, make sure you find a pair of shoes that fit perfectly in their feet as too wide shoes can cause blisters.

It can be quite distressing when you can’t find a single pair of shoes that are not wide for a narrow feet baby. The shoe brands usually don’t mention the width of the shoe, so it becomes difficult to find the right fit.

What to Look When Buying Shoes For Narrow Feet?

Regardless of how old your baby is, you need to consider the right size and width of your kid’s feet. The best shoes for babies with narrow feet should be comfortable as well as befitting. Unlike adults, kids like lightweight and colorful shoes, therefore, when you are considering buying a good pair of shoes, make sure that they have a nice and sturdy grip for a kid to take proper steps while walking. Nevertheless, it is essential to find the right fitting for shoes so that the heel doesn’t slip while the baby walks as it may cause them trouble.

The 8 Best Baby Shoes For Narrow Feet

Puma Kids Ferrarilace-up closurefabric & synthetic10/9.8 Check Price!
Adidas Originallace-up closureLeather & rubber10/9.8 Check Price!
Capezio Daisy 205elastic belletLeather10/9.8 Check Price!
Robeez Girls’ Maryclosed toeLeather10/9.8 Check Price!
Robeez Cozy Baby BootsElasticized ankleLeather10/9.8 Check Price!
UGG Kids I Jesse Bowhook-loop-closureSuede10/9.8 Check Price!
New Balance Kids hook-loop-strapLeather and synthetic10/9.8 Check Price!
KaKaKiKi Baby Boys Girlslace-upLeather10/9.8 Check Price!

Baby Shoes For Narrow Feet Reviews 2020

However, you always have the option to get an idea from the style of the shoes. Therefore for your ease, we have enlisted the top 8 baby shoes for narrow feet so that you can buy your kid’s shoes right away.

1. Puma Kids Ferrari – Roma Sneaker

Best choice of running shoes for kids with narrow feet

toddler shoes wide thick feet girl
These best kids sneakers narrow feet shoes are made of high-grade synthetic and fiber with a small width that fits perfectly on a narrow foot. This moto-inspired sneaker has a rubber sole and is perfect for narrow feet. These shoes have a strengthened toe cap and heel along with orthopedic support and thick padded tongue for perfect cushioning and comfort.
Puma is one of the well-known shoe brands, famous for its high-quality shoe variety. Popular among all the age groups, Puma Kids Ferrari sneakers are the kind of shoes that immediately grasps your attention. These shoes are available in various colors and sizes.

who should buy this?

Your kid will love these shoes as these shoes will allow them to run without shoe slipping off. Therefore, if you are looking for running shoes for your kid with narrow feet, you can always rely on Puma Ferrari Roma Sneakers.

What we Like
  • Light in weight
  • Features arch support
  • Small width
  • Leather upper
  • Rubber sole
  • Strengthened toecap
What we Did Not Like
  • Laces might not stayed tied
  • Shoes may wear out because of rough use

2. Adidas Original Superstar – Kid’s Running Sneakers

Lightweight, sturdy, comfy, and above all, stylish classic sneakers

best shoes for babies with narrow feet

If you like to experiment with different fashion trends on your little one, then Adidas original superstar sneakers are the best choice for you. They never go out of style and fit perfectly on their feet. Besides that, you can also buy these for yourself and slay with your kid. These shoes are not only stylish but also extremely comfortable as well. These are structured in a way that the ankle and the toes remain comfortable. Yet the support and hold are provided at its best, thus making them best shoes for toddlers narrow feet.

Factually speaking, these shoes are affordable as compared to other expensive brands, yet provide all features along with a redefined look. The kids will appreciate the minimalist look of these shoes, and the pre-walker would love to encompass their feet subtly.

who should buy this?

Adidas shoes are named as the superstar of classic sneakers and are one of the finest shoes in the market. Lightweight, sturdy, comfy, and above all, stylish are the words that sum up the qualities of these shoes. The traditional lace-up closure of these shoes, along with three polished stripes on each side, make these shoes a class apart.

What we Like
  • Affordable
  • Trendy
  • Lace-up closure
  • Lightweight
  • Sturdy grip
What we Did Not Like
  • Can be stiff
  • Not much durable

 3. Capezio Daisy 205 – Babies Ballet Shoes

Comfortable shoes with a perfect grip for your ballet dancer kid

baby shoes for narrow feet

Capezio Daisy has been manufacturing shoes for ages; they are known for their ballet shoes that are the perfect dance partners of ballet dancers. Parents love these shoes and rank them as one of the best kids shoes for narrow feet because they feature tacked down drawstrings, whimsical lining, and an id tag.

Moreover, the makers ensure that the shoes are constructed from high-quality leather that does not wear out easily. These shoes allow your kids to dance around with full confidence as the support is provided by suede sole and drawstring. The bar-tacked elastic string confers an elegant look along with perfect fitting.

who should buy this?

If you are looking for comfortable shoes with a perfect grip for your ballet dancer kid, then Capez Daisy shoes are the ideal choice. It fits perfectly on all types of feet and has generous room for little feet to grow. These provide significant support to the ballet dancers.

What we Like
  • They fit perfectly on narrow feet
  • Made of High-quality leather
  • Soft and flexible
  • Full suede sole for support
  • Elastic drawstring for additional support and elegance
What we Did Not Like
  • The drawstring might not cinch up the shoe
  • Might rip off

4. Robeez Girls’ Mary Jane – Kid’s Mini Shoez

Non-slip rubber split soles are perfect for indoor and outdoor wear

best kid shoes for narrow feet

Robeez Girls’ is an award-winning brand of shoes that is known for its stylish girl’s shoes and premium quality material. They tend to give attention to detail; therefore, your girl will find its polka dots and scalloped topline very attractive. They are the best toddler shoes for narrow feet babies who are learning to take their first step.

Parents adore these shoes because of apparent reasons like its high-grade leather material and sole that forms a delightful outlook. Your daughter will love them because they are comfortable to wear and stays on your baby’s feet due to an elasticized back and ankle.

WHo should buy this?

These are pretty little shoes for little girls who have small and narrow feet. Parents think that the shoes provide one of the best soles that are required for the babies who are learning to take steps. Available in different sizes and colors, these best toddler shoes narrow feet are equipped with a cushioned insole and synthetic lining that provides the best comfort to the kids.

What we Like
  • Leather soft sole
  • Elasticized back and ankle for support and grip
  • Best quality leather
  • Hook and loop closure
  • Cushioned insole
What we Did Not Like
  • The color might wear off

5. Robeez Cozy Baby Boots – Narrow Feet 12-18 Months

Great for narrow feet with elasticized ankle design ensures to stay on little feet

best kids sneakers narrow feet

If you want to buy the best kid shoes for narrow feet, then Robeez Cozy Ankle Baby Boots is an ideal choice. These are imported boots of an excellent and good looking material known as leather. This material adds a specific shine and enhances the beauty of the shoes. Moreover, leather shoes are well-known for their quality and performance to wear them all-day. The shoes not only look beautiful but also deliver a good performance.

Moreover, the suede sole aims to protect the bottom of the baby’s feet. However, the elasticized ankle’s special design helps in ensuring that the shoes stay on the cute little feet of your baby. The boots won’t come out until and unless you take them off. The three colors are quite attractive and impressive. These colors are common colors, which usually go along with various clothes, whether it be any design or style.

The slip-resistant, soft, and comfy soles will prevent the baby from falling more often. It means the baby will have a stronger grip on the floor. The cushioned insole will not insert pressure on the tiny little fingers of the baby. He won’t feel irritated and angry. But yes, do select the right size for him or else you will have to face problems for finding best kids shoes with narrow feet.

Robeez manufacturers are also famous choice of best baby swim shoes for introducing new and innovative designs. The designs of these shoes automatically urge a person to buy them. The shoes contain the design of fur at the top, which enhances the overall look of this bootie. These soft furs are fun for your kids. They usually feel calm, polite, and happy due to these soft boots. Moreover, the material for buying girls narrow shoe brands won’t cause any problems for your kid.

who should buy this?

In conclusion, the fur and material of these narrow shoes for kids will, for sure, gain your attention. Moreover, the closure method adds more beauty to these shoes. You cannot also ignore the texture of these shoes. The shoes will always prove to be a comfortable attire for your child. It won’t cause him any problem or issue in the future.

What we Like
  • Suede sole and leather material
  • Elasticized ankle closure method (design)
  • Shoes always stay on their feet – does not slip
  • High-quality and perfect texture
  • Does not cause rashes
What we Did Not Like
  • Wrong display of size
  • Terrible and poor stitching

6. UGG Kids I Jesse Bow – II Fashion Boot

Classic look and still perfectly room to grow for little kids

best shoes for narrow small baby feet

If you are trying to look for the best baby shoes for narrow feet, then this tiny and cute version of the Classic Boot known as Jesse Bow is the best choice for you. The crafters of this shoe are using soft suede material along with a sweet and pretty ribbon of satin to enhance the beauty and comfort of these shoes. These baby shoes are a must-have for your baby’s wardrobe. Whether it be a picnic, a pool party, or a get-together, your kid can happily and freely enjoy that event. You don’t need to worry about his appearance, looks, and especially his feet.

Moreover, the closure style (hook-and-loop) of this shoe makes it easy for the parents to let his child wear the best shoes for narrow small baby feet. Even taking off the shoes is quite an easy task. The rubber thread will help the infant with his first-ever step. It means once he learns the right method of wearing the shoes, he can easily take them off without the help of his parents.

Thirdly, and most importantly, the satin bow will enhance the adorability, finishing, and beauty of these suede baby booties. The natural and lavish lining of wool aims to provide a cozy and warm feeling to the feet of your little one. The UGG lining of pure wool aims to protect the feet of your baby from getting hurt, rashes, scratches, or itching. Moreover, if he goes on rough surfaces like sandy or stone surfaces, his feet will still remain the same. He won’t feel the roughness of that particular surface.

Last but not least, the colors of these shoes are really attractive. These colors commonly match with different types of clothes, which means you don’t need to invest in buying loads of different colored shoes for the baby. These are general colors and mostly suit every type of clothing, whether it be a boy or a girl.

who should buy this?

Summing it up, Jesse Bow boots by UGG are one of the favorite shoes of several parents for their cute little munchkins. The elastic band, suede leather material, and colors of these boots are highly impressive. These are general colors, which usually match with every dress color or style. Moreover, the shoes are not that expensive as compared to the other shoes.

What we Like
  • Comfortable and soothing lining
  • Easy to wear and take off
  • Extremely lightweight and excellent looking
  • Comfy and high-quality material – suede leather and cotton
  • Cool and common colors
  • Quite affordable shoes
What we Did Not Like
  • Poor packaging – no box
  • Not good for skinny legs

7. New Balance Kids 574 V1 – Kid’s Evergreen Sneaker

Best all-around running shoes boosts the confidence of your toddler 

school shoes for narrow feet

New Balance running shoes boosts the confidence of your toddler when he starts to run around and goes outside. Along with that, kids love to wear these school shoes for narrow feet every day because of their iconic style blended with modern comfort. You can call them one of the classiest shoes of all time.

Besides that, New Balance shoes are known for their high-quality material and upgraded style statement. Style, when combined with exemplary features, makes a high-grade product that is adored by everyone. You can find both these qualities in New Balance shoes that feature a suede and mesh upper with comfortable inner.

who should buy this?

Parents rate these as one of the most consistent and high-quality shoes in the market. They are perfect for athletic kids and toddlers who are learning to walk as they provide full support and a comfortable grip.

What we Like
  • Lightweight
  • Cushioning in the midsole
  • Upper is made of suede and mesh
  • Classic and stylish
  • Arch support
What we Did Not Like
  • Sizing might be confusing

8. KaKaKiKi Baby Boys Girls – Ankle High-Top Sneakers

Helps to baby’s feet to have a stronger grip on floor when starting to walk

best shoes for toddlers with narrow feet

The imported PU leather sneaker shoes promise to offer maximum comfort and safety to your infant while he is in your arms, crawling, or learning to walk. The shoes undergo a lot of safety tests that prove the product won’t harm the skin of your baby. In addition to this safety feature, the company makes sure to protect your baby from any sort of trouble, which can lead him to later discomfort like rashes, itching, and skin issues.

The shoes will protect and promote the healthy growth of your baby’s feet with the help of cotton sole and suede leather. The lower weight of these shoes helps the infant learn how to walk. Moreover, these sneakers will perfectly match and work for every season, whether it be winter, summer, or fall. You don’t need to purchase different shoes for different seasons. This weather suitable feature will save money, which means a less burden on your pockets. Don’t you think that it is a smarter decision for you to invest in KaKaKiKi Baby Boys Girls Ankle High-Top Sneakers Shoes for your cute little baby?

Now we will move on towards the elasticized ankle feature. The elasticized ankle features of these pretty sneakers will ease down on the process of wearing the shoes. In simple words, there is no need to waste time on letting your baby wear these shoes. The shoes will stay on his feet for a longer time, which means no complaints of the shoes coming out of the feet.

Moreover, the shoes won’t let your baby feel heavy. They are perfect material for giving your child so that he can learn walking. The cotton sole of these shoes will allow the baby’s feet to have a stronger grip on the floor and feet once they start to walk. It provides enough room for the little feet so that they can grow healthily and properly.

who should buy this?

One thing that can urge you to buy the flower girl shoes for narrow feet is the fantastic refund policy. If you do not like the product, you can simply get a replacement or a full refund. However, the design and material of this shoe are quite satisfying. You won’t face any issue with the size until and unless you are taking the right measurements of your kid.

What we Like
  • Non-slip cotton sole –lightweight sneakers
  • Suitable for all weathers
  • Stays for a longer period on the toddler’s feet (strong grip)
  • Easy wearing and taking off – lace-up design
  • Breathable and easy to clean
What we Did Not Like
  • Poor and improper stitching
  • Issues with sizes

Closing Thoughts!

There are a lot of brands that are selling high-quality shoes, but not all of them mention the right width of the shoe. Therefore, parents suffer to find the best shoes for toddlers with narrow feet. Finding the right style and size is sometimes exhausting for the parents who want their kids to learn walking in comfortable shoes.

Hence, we collected the top brands of best baby shoes for narrow feet along with their pros and cons to make it easy for you to choose the one that perfectly fits your little one and make them learn walking with ease.

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