Best Baby Shoes For Fat Feet

Best Baby Shoes For Fat Feet of 2020 Reviewed

Don’t confuse with the selection of our top-rated shoe reviews is really enough for you to help pick up the great shoes for your baby with fat feet. If you have a baby with narrow and shiny feet then I think you are lucky. To buy baby shoes for the first walk is so easy for them. In contrast, if you have a baby with flat and wide feet.

Before choosing Best baby shoes it should be necessary that you understood the purpose of why being purchased. Let’s check some features that clear our point. Then we must look at the perfect and fit pair of shoes for the baby. For the first step walking shoes, parents must need to have some perfect and stunning choice. That shoes should be comfortable, flexible, and enough wide toe that helps them to walk easily. The selection of baby shoes that stay on is the biggest milestone for parents when they just started learning how to walk. At this point, comfortable and soft sole shoes encourage them to take steps easily.

What Need to Consider Buying Shoes For Fat Feet?

To find fit and adoring best shoes for chubby baby feet is the biggest struggle for parents. Not only to have fit shoes but also underline the features as perfect and adoring. Babies’ feet size different for each one. So, the measurement of size for wider and fat feet is mandatory. With wide toddler feet, parents need to select wide rounded toe, enough traction, with ankle support, run long, and supportive size. This will make babies feel natural when they walk and easy to take in and out.

A lot of brands list you can see in the market. However, few of them making the best toddler shoes. In our fair review list, you see top-rated in the market as Stride rite, Robeez, Cross classic, and lot others. These brand shoes making are well eminent among the parent with flat feet due to their quality, perfection, protection features, and encourage to walking features. Our best choice would help you to easily shop for one best choice for your children as casual shoes, bootie, indoor and outdoor shoes.

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In this struggle finding best and perfect shoes for fat feet babies, our list might help you. Then you can directly go for purchasing a pair of stunning with perfect quality shoes for your toddler. For fat feet babies shoes should be a wide toe, with hook and loop strap, t strap, laces, traction, enough comfortable, with soft and rubber sole. This will help them to walk wearing shoes. Parents always like shoes that easy to wear. So, traction and ankle support shoes run wider and also easy to put on and off. Check the listed brand this would help you in quality shoe selection.

The 10 Best Baby Shoes For Fat Feet

Stride RiteHook & loopLeather/Textile10/9.5 Check Price!
Ikiki Squeakyon and offFabric-and-Synthetic10/9.5 Check Price!
Crocs ClassicIconic ComfortFlexible10/9 Check Price!
Pediped Sahara FlexFlex fit systemTextile and Synthetic10/9.1 Check Price!
Robeez BabySlip-resistantLeather10/9.4 Check Price!
Saucony Jazzpadded collarLeather and Textile10/8.9 Check Price!
Livie & Luca Piopadded collar Leather10/8.5 Check Price!
See Kai Runhook & loop strapsFabric or Textile10/7.9 Check Price!
Tsukihoshi BabyLace upTextile10/7.6 Check Price!
Keds DaphneT strap closureLeather10/7.8 Check Price!

Baby Shoes For Fat Feet Review 2020

This is our recent research regarding the best brand and quality shoes for babies. The especially adoring choice for fat feet children with modern footwear. All the products that are listed below are branded and you can make a perfect choice for your children. Here you will find the top 10 products and you can pick one them mentioned below on How to Buy? | Guide.

1. Stride Rite Cameron – Casual Sneaker

Great Choice for one have Wide and Narrow Feet

stride rite baby shoes

For your little child, the only thing that should always be comfortable, soft, flexible, durable, and easy to use is their shoes. Yes, Stride Rite brand probability provides your pair of best shoes for toddlers with wide feet.

Stride rite is clearly know shopping about the baby footwear and understood parent choice for fat feet baby. My clear suggestion about this brand product is when I was a hunt for baby shoes for my little ones.

This company made perfect shoes with leather in the latest designs of sneakers and Cameron. That is 100% made of leather and durable. Also, have a rounded toe box that is perfect for little feet balance. Soft sole baby shoes are also comfortable in the growth of baby feet without any pain and pinching.

Stride rite comfort and soft shoes are available in different colors, upper and lower leather, durable, supportive, and provide protection to the soft baby child. A rubber rounded toe helps children to protect their toes and also perfect while playing.

However, the rubber sole is best for traction and grip. At the back of shoes, a heel tab helps them to easily pull shoes on and off. I make this choice after that when my little girl taking shoes off but doesn’t get off to Stride rite comfortable shoes.

The stride rite size chart contains a wide and extra-wide size that is perfect for wide feel toddlers. My baby has extra wide feet that’s why I order the extra-wide size that is perfect fits my little baby feet.

Stride rite running in the top branded shoes for babies. Little kid’s shoes with comfortable, flexible, durable, and wide toe boxes are considered best and prominent among all. Stride rite shoes are available with amazing quality, soft leather sole, and with enough grips. Wide toddler feet are fit to this type of shoes. Because this brand shoe comes with all available sizes and colors. With all the best features shoes, this brand is rated 4.4 starts at amazon out of a total of 5 stars.

What we Like
  • Upper Leather
  • Wide Toe Box
  • Hook and Loop Closure
  • Provide Traction
What we Did Not Like
  • Strap falling apart
  • Oddly made as of right and left both not fit same
  • Not fit on regular wear

2. Ikiki Squeaky – Adjustable Fabric-and-Synthetic

Perfect Choice for Going over Ankle foot Orthotics (AFOs)

robeez baby shoes

The most favorite and well-known brand among the parents is Ikiki Squeaky which is the best choice for wide feet toddlers?  That comes with funny characters for both baby girls and boys. That’s why toddlers like to wear such shoes all the time.

A squeaky brand is a perfect toddle that are in step just learning to walk. Learning to walk with fun and adjustable brand to put off and on step is easy to do with the best baby shoes for fat feet.

In this brand different types of sole color and encouraging walking wear, soft, and adjustable best pair of shoes available. As we already tell you that this brand comes with a sort of fun character. That makes the child fall in love and couldn’t take off shoes.

Soles of this brand shoes come with a different color. So, that you don’t mix right and left sole while wearing. Soft sole with full grip put the baby to easily take steps and remain stable. Perfect choice for first step walker babies.

With affordable price Ikiki brand is hit choice for parents and also on our list. All the shoes come with full encouragement, soft sole, learn to walk, fun character, children love with shoes, the rounded toe for wider feet squeaky.

Overall best brand with funny character is a leading choice, especially for wide feet kids. With affordable choice Ikiki brand providing outclass, well comfort, adoring, and pleasant shoes for babies. Roomy fit squeaky shoes have an amazing quality that every parent like this pair of shoes. All features as wider feet squeaky, soft sole, different funny character, with ankle support and adjustable shoes is one of the adoring choices. This also provides easiness to easily put them on and off.

What we Like
  • Fun Character
  • Wide Roomy Toe Box
  •  Velcro Adjustable
  • Price
  • Squeaker Shoes
What we Did Not Like
  • Velcro Durability
  • Sound Of Squeaker
  • Reinforced outer toe
  • Squeaky does not work longer

3. Crocs Kids’ Classic Clog – Imported Synthetic Sole

Cute and Comfy collection for Outgrow Toddler Feet

stride rite size chart

Crocs brand provides synthetic sole, comfortable, with roomy fits and perfect for both girls and boys wide toddler footwear. This one is the perfect choice when you are searching for life easier, comfortable, and easier to clean.

I hung with this selection of best baby shoes for fat feet due to its synthetic material sole, casual, easy to wear, and an amazing option for summer when you go outside is garden, beach, and also in the backyard.

This comes with clog style as you can see a different color. Make sure your choice is comfortable for your baby taking off and on. Ensure that your choice is a means of pleasure for the baby. Another thing is that its adjustable product. So, that easily fit both girls and boys.

Meanwhile, the main advantage of this shoe is easy to clean with water and soap. Then you can easily dry it with drainage holes. The shoe remains the same and does not get shrink even in excessive water. Also affordable with exclusive features

The main drawback is that direct heat it gets shirk. And not comes with half size. However, it’s a roomy fit so that with fat and thicket toe baby can easily wear.

Casual, easy to wear Crocs Classic make this brand comfortable around all. Wide toddler footwear crocs are roomy fit and best washable shoes for both girls and boys. Easy to clean and synthetic material soles shoes make these shoes as best branded casual shoes. In summer roomy fit choice is adjustable for every size baby feet. You can easily wash with soap and water without fear of shrink. However, in the direct heat, it gets shrink. But all other best features are enough good to purchase these comfortable shoes.

What we Like
  • Synthetic Sole
  • Roomy Fit
  • Clog Style
  • Water Safe
  • Easy to wash
  • Perfect Traction
  • Durability
What we Did Not Like
  • Shrink in Direct Heat
  • Not Comes With Half Size

4. Pediped Flex Sahara – Adjustable Instep Strap

Awesome Sandals for a Custom Fit as your Child’s Foot Grows

pediped shoes

It’s the best summer adventure swing footwear that works as wave crashing cuties. Adventure line Pediped Shoes Sahara flex sandal provides ample ventilation, water-safe, quick-drying and most comfortable shoes. Perfect choice in summer when you go for walk and beach.

The design of Pediped footwear provides comfort and fashion. Their construction makes sense to learn how to walk and strengthen toe and easy for the ground steps. Also grippy sole provides enough traction to avoid slip on the slippy surface.

This shoe with rounded toe come with different size, width, and color with the same quality. Also with bumper heel and toe that is comfortable while leave room. So, it’s up to you to find a fit and perfect choice for your little baby.

Not only this but also a washable shoe that would easily clean and extends shoe life. This comes with slightly high prize then all other choices in our list. But this a worthy prize provides more features and designs with love.

For wave crashing babies Pediped Sahara flex providing ample ventilation shoes with all comfort features. Water safe and easy to drying shoes is a quick choice for first step walkers. Amazing designs with 100% quality make this footwear strengthen for a toddler to learn to walk. This brand shoe designs also use for outdoor as comes up different sizes, colors, designs, and bumper heel. A wide toe box provides wider room to grow and walk easily. The extended size runs wider than other shoes.

Is there any difference between Pediped Sahara Water Sandal and Pediped Flex Sahara Sandal?

People mostly ask these questions. Then I think so and according to my experience, both are the same products as waterproof. You might use both for the same purpose as enough comfortable, water-safe, enough traction for slippy place, grippy, and easy to wear.

What we Like
  • Ample Ventilation
  • Wide Toe Protection
  • Pediatrician
  • Adventure To Summer
  • Water Friendly
What we Did Not Like
  • Extra Wide Run
  • Short Velcro Strap

5. Robeez Baby Shoes – Full Suede Non-Slip Sole

Great Shoes for New Walkers and Runs Large!

best toddler shoes

Sometimes your stunning choice makes life easier for your toddler. Robeez’s best baby shoes for fat feet with ultra-soft sole make your choice more comfortable. This shoe comes with flexibility, full upper leather and durable.

With we come to the point of a healthy environment for footwear then barefoot is best for it. Because medical expert agrees on it. The reason is only that its flexibility, soft sole, and mimic bending provide balance to every step.

Using high-quality leather material mimics shoe support not constructing growth feet and also promote perfect balance. Robeez shoes are comfortable, allow toe grip, muscle growth, avoid slip, helping balancing, and durable. I make this experience on my own when I purchased for my little baby girl.

Robeez baby shoes made of leather and soft sole always help to walk easily and feel comfortable. It provides ½ inch space for growth just like a slipper. So, that it’s run big for baby. Never problem in wearing and grip of the toe. Medical experts always recommend these branded shoes as help babies in growing feet easily. High-quality leather and mimics make these shoes more comfortable and provide balancing feet. This shoe is rated good at amazon by the customer.

Are these are perfect for walking and run big?

Obviously, the answer is yes! Because leather and soft sole always help to walk easily and feel comfortable. It provides ½ inch space for growth just like a slipper. So, that it’s run big for baby. Never problem in wearing and grip of the toe. 

What we Like
  • Ultra Soft
  • High-Quality Leather
  • Toe Box
  • Durable
  • Mimic bending
  • Flexible and non-constructing
What we Did Not Like
  • Non-sole
  • Annoying to get on
  • Not run larger as made of fabric

6. Saucony Kid’s Baby Jazz – Imported Two-Tone Midsole

Good Performance wide range of running and walking shoes


baby walking shoes with ankle support

For best style and non-making rubber sole for extra wide toddler Saucony jazz is not well famous and rating on Amazon. However, only with adjustable rang of color, prize, and size with jazz can purchase.

With different stylish and alternative closure for every wearing season and occasion, you will find this product of shoes. Seeking durability and style these are comfortable and breathable pair of shoes.

In the list of shoes for beginning walkers, this is one of the respected names. With perfect fit, performance, and feel this brand offers a wide range of running and walking. These are the top best athletes’ shoes that increase your performance instead of focusing on equipment.

This is one of the wroth making shoes that come with huge color that does you get in any playground and park. Easy to wear and the most stylish pair. However, one back point is too expensive and you need to make a worthy investment.

Saucony Jazz kids shoes made of non-marking rubber sole that always happens stunning choice of parents for their babies. Alternative closure, different styles, and size make these shoes comfortable among the parents. Every season wearing shoes as breathable material, wide running shoes, Saucony jazz is stylish selection. Hook and loop closure provides way to easily wear. I hung to this choice as best baby shoes.

Do these have soft sole and flexible?

Yes, I highly recommended the flexibility of shoes. Because my toddler likes this wearing. However, these do not come with the soft sole as the baby likes soft sole. These built are very stylish and fantastic designs!

What we Like
  • Adoring Designs
  • Huge Color Range
  • Easy to adjustable
  • Durable
  • Wide Size
  • Cushioned midsole
What we Did Not Like
  • High Price

7. Livie & Luca Pio Pio – Flexible AND Roomy

Adorable & Flexible Baby Shoe Allows for Full Range of Motion


baby walking shoes hard bottom

For a little wide toddler, Livie and Luca is a perfect choice with roomy feel and stability for walkers. Velcro closure might help to take easy off and on. Also supportive of the growth of feet. This provides an adorable look especially for girls with metallic or suede leather Mary Jane shoes.

Running shoes with extra cushioning make comfortable and help the children to run and to learn walking. As these best baby shoes for fat feet come with extra cushioning for heel so it will protect while strike to surface and growing bones.

With absorbing nature leather your toddler always feels dry. Also added rubber tractions for easy to take a step. With love and adoring designs toddler like to take off and on by themselves. The hook and loop strap make this dressing breeze and best option for beginner toddlers.

best baby shoes for beginning walkers

In comparison to all other options in averagely priced Livie shoes have a stylish and adoring design, with a roomy fit for wider feet. Also, support rounded toe and extra cushioning provide traction for best baby shoes for beginning walkers. For your desires, this option considers the best choice.

For wider feet baby girls now Livie and Luca providing perfect roomy feel choice among all. Velcro closure feature make shoes prominent as this make life so easier easy to take on and off baby shoes. With metallic or suede leather maryjane little innocent toddler look gorgeous and can also wear at any events. Leather with absorbing nature feels always dry feet that’s why baby put on for a long time. Over performance of these shoes is sounds well so that we can avoid some weak features.

Are these shoes are flexible?

These shoes are very amazing, flexible, grippy, easy to wear, and great shoes to run. Most of the toddlers like this pair of shoes so much.

What we Like
  • Roomy Fit
  • Velcro Closure
  • Extra Cushioning
  • Use Leather
  • Wide Rounded Toe Box
  • Moisture Absorbing
  • Stylish Design
What we Did Not Like
  • Run Extra Wide
  • Does not last for longer period

8. See Kai Run Russel – Flexible and Lightweight Outsole

Fit’s Perfect for Wide Feet to Provides Great Traction

soft sole baby shoes

In this list, we come with another best appearance as best Shoes for toddlers to put on themselves. Russel Sneaker provides full width, with roomy fit toe box, rubber toe cap for extra protection for developing feet.

Another best choice in these shoes double strap Velcro closure. Perfect solid choice with fun color and the best look for grown. These are 100% textile and synthetic with imported rubber sole. Strap with a double hoot and look provide a secure fit and also perfect for custom adjustability.

Herringbone lug pattern provides amazing traction to grab and outfit to play. This See Kai Run Russel shoes are lightweight, flexible, and durable. The wider toe box allows the toddler to easily move and toe rubber cap added more protection.

Upper of shoes is made of durable textile material that is too much easy in wash and cleaner. Some of the shoes provide ample traction and also the best footwear in rain. Velcro closure to ensure the perfect size that is easy to get off and on.

Best toddler sneaker with full width, toe box with a roomy fit, and extra protection you get from See Kai Russell brand. Yes, a big name in the list of branded soft sole wide toddler feet. Rubber toe cap introduces especially for kids’ protections. However, for best fit double hook and loop for custom adjustability. Russell all shoes are lightweight, comfortable, and durable. Without going for another choice must try this footwear for fat feet babies.

Are these baby walking shoes with ankle support?

Adoring and sharp looking See Kai run wider and support learn how to walk. These are wider toe shoes with the development of feet. These come without any ankle irritation as the padded collar is added. So, your baby runs smoothly and easily without any pain.

What we Like
  • Padded Collar
  • Roomy Fit Toe Box
  • Easy To Wash
  • Dual Velcro Closure
What we Did Not Like
  • Durability

9. Tsukihoshi Kaz Sneaker – Balanced Landing Comfort

Simply Perfect Kid’s Sneakers for Wide Feet

best shoes for toddlers with wide feet

Tuskihoshi is one of the most supportive, wide toddler shoes for both baby girls and boys. These are comfortable, stylish, best made, and supportive. Japan’s company over 100-year-old made pure leather footwear for children.

Taking great care for children’s growth of feet they make comfortable, flexible, molded cup insole design, and loveable designs for a toddler. The solid heel provides protection and balance. Hoot to loop curve allows them to easily take off and on.

Tsukihoshi made flexible, lightweight, and machine washable products and only recommend to air dry. The most attribute regarding the development of foot makes these shoes most effective for feet growth and easy to use in the market.

A lot of parents like shoes as they are best fit to chubby toddler feet and well fit. Also supportive to easily walk. But they less run as the size of half-inch less than other brands. But this comes with affordable price and high quality, especially for children.

The most supportive and well comfort footwear introduce in the market for fat feet baby walking shoes as Tuskihoshi. Both baby boys and baby girls can wear this best made, Japan’s pure leather shoes as learning to walk. Molded cup insole design makes it unique from all other shoes. Another amazing feature of these shoes as lightweight and machine washable. So, that directly shoes directly clean with machines. Also one of the best-rated shoes at amazon.

What we Like
  • Best Design Made
  • Most Supportive
  • Fit For Chubby Toddler
  • Color Scheme
  • Molded Cup Insole
What we Did Not Like
  • Run Wide

10. Keds Daphne T-Strap – Girl’s Sneakers Back to School

Super-Cute & Durable Outfits for All-Day Comfort and Support

best shoes for toddlers to put on themselves

Any other brand of the market does not make cute and perfect designs than Keds Daphne. Due to its outfits, strong, and quality construction this brand is well famous for best toddler walking shoes.

Each shoe is made of perfect rubber sole and leather. Which is an amazing choice for comfortable and flexible shoes? The memory bed makes comfortable and easy to wear all the time. This soft sole choice is amazing as best baby shoes for fat feet.

Footwear choice always makes your comfort or break your comfort. So, it is much more necessary that you ensure your choice. Keds provide that level of comforts to children with memory foam footbed. This support to long run by wearing shoes.

With t strap closure you can easily adjust your shoes and also get on and off. The rubber outsole is sound amazing for traction. This one is the perfect style for toddlers with a wonderful and unique print.

Meanwhile, Keds come with more investment even if you come with the middle range then found some other. However, due to its quality and especially for kids’ shoes don’t avoid this choice!

All day comfortable wearing with memory foam footbed shoes with Keds Daphne sneakers now available in the market. This brand not even make some gorgeous looking and cute designs at all. Moreover, all pairs of shoes are really comfortable, flexible, and wide wearing shoes. T strap closure is made especially for easy to adjustable features. This also provides enough traction, rubber outsole, and best supportive shoes.

What we Like
  • Cute Unique Design
  • Adjustable
  • Hook and Loop Closure
  • T Strap
  • Best Quality
What we Did Not Like
  • Expensive to purchase
  • Not run so wider
  • After long-wearing look terrible

Closing Thoughts!

We know that kids have chubby, wide, sensitive, and flat feet. Now, shopping for baby shoes can be made without worrying about it. The branded list is selected for wider and fat feet with a verity of size and color. As you know baby grows faster and also their running skills. So, there is quite crucial to put on and off. This is the only reason we always recommend to choose an adjustable size that provides you roomy fit soft sole baby shoes.

Regarding other features, we recommend selecting a wider toe, traction, breathable material, and flexible. That makes them easy while walking and loves to put off and on all the time. Price does not matter where you get high-quality best baby shoes for fat feet with a lot of stunning and perfect designs. But you must look appealing and perfect. So, this is a way that you can select perfect footwear for babies.

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