What Is Baby Shoes Size 1

Baby Shoes Sizes: What Is Baby Shoes Size 1 Chart & Conversion

A pair of right kind of shoes for toddler, infants, newborn, or child is not only important that your baby feels pleasure in taking steps. But also promote the healthy and natural growth of baby feet. It’s important to know that What Is Baby Shoes Size 1, 2, 3, and all the other half size. As you know that baby feet grow naturally and each baby’s feet grow differently and also at different times. So, the size could vary from baby to baby.

To get the right size and perfect fitting of baby shoes is necessary for parents. Because their choice would help them to walk and move easily with supportive and encouraging footwear. For all these comfort and protection you have to know about Average Shoe Size By Age and also know that measuring tool and conversion chart. Here we will discuss the below-mentioned questions that are the most important measure and pick the right size.

  • What Age Is a Size 1 Shoe
  • How to Measure Baby Shoe Size
  • Methods to convert measurement in the US, UK size
  • How Do You Know What Size Shoe Your Baby Wear

What Is Baby Shoes Size 1?

Feet of toddler and infant grow differently and have different shapes either the cubby, narrow, or fat. Each child is not recommended the shoes undertaking the age factor. It would be the best measure of your tot’s feet with any measuring instrument. Then compare with the measurement chart and pick the right size with UK, US, EU size. Baby flat feet grow gradually so that parents need to measure after a few months.

Most of the people get confused about size 1 shoes. In the big kid’s shoe size almost start from 1 and run up to 7. However, in little kid’s size, 1 comes after size 13. Mostly size 1 is going with the 0 to 3 months old baby. So, don’t get confused and just go with the measuring tool and measure your baby foot size with plenty of space for growing.

How To Measure Baby Feet Size?

Most of the new parents don’t know how to measure and which measuring of baby shoe sizes is best. That’s why they go with the wrong purchase and baby don’t feel comfortable with that footwear and always want to take them off. Here we will guide you the measuring methods and get Average Shoe Size For 1 Year Old and another toddler size.

There are so many different measuring shoe sizes options to get the right size of your child. We will guide you about the tap and printable measuring scale. After that you can convert is according to the purchase using Average Shoe Size By Age Chart.

Baby Shoe Size Measuring With Tap Measure

  • First, the things that require for measuring are tap, pen, and paper.
  • Now, lie your baby on floor and measure.
  • Measure the highest, length, the width of the toddler with a wide foot, and repeat the process until you get the exact size.
  • Then write it down on paper.

Note: You can covert the measurement from inches, cm, baby shoes size uk, US, EU size.

Using Scale Shoe Sizing Guide

  • First, download the measuring scale from the internet. Then print it with 100% scaling so that to get the right size of scale.
  • Now, spread it on the floor and stand your baby on it. Measure the highest toe and width with the instruction that is mentioned on the scaling chart. Different size guideline helps you to measure through various methods.
  • Now, note it and use while purchasing comfortable perfect size shoes.

Baby Shoes Size Chart

Rather than adults parents can’t pick the same size shoes for kids every time. For growing nature feet you have to measure baby feet after a couple of months. Which gives you the perfect size of your little innocent cute baby. After that, you could go with a perfect size wearing. Normally the Average Shoe Size Chart By Age UK is divided on after the group of age. Each group size shoe varies from the other group. Let’s check the size chart.

Age GroupSize InSize CmSize USSize EUSize UKSize
New Born3⅛7.901501
6 weeks – 3 months3 ¼ – 3 ½8.3 – 8.90.5 – 1160.51
3– 6 months3⅝ – 3¾9.2 – 9.51.5 – 21712
6 – 9 months4 – 4⅛10.2 – 10.52.5 – 3181.5 – 23
9 – 12 months4¼ – 4½10.8 – 11.43.5 – 4192.5 – 34
12 – 18 months4¾ – 512.1 – 12.75 – 5.520 – 214 – 4.55

The above-mentioned chart is so simple and has standardized values that would surely help in getting size 3 baby shoes age and about the complete sizing information in cm, inches, us, UK, and Eu size. But if your baby has half-size then few brands provide this opportunity and others are not. So, go with the big one if the size is in between the two sizes. The above chart would also help you to check what’s required for my baby shoe size in cm.

How To Make Sure If Child Shoes Fit

As you know that baby feet grow and develop very quickly. That’s the reason shoe size gets very twice within a year. It would be necessary for the parents to measure baby feet size after 2 to three months and know about the perfect size. Along with the point to know about what is baby shoes size 1 ensure that baby feet with those shoes are comfortable and easy to take steps.

Along with different stages of growing like from crawling, just started learning to walk, and running foot size also changes very frequently. So, if your toddler shoes are little up and provide plenty of room to grow then it is one the perfect fitting. Not too tight and too lose is the best option. However, a few points are necessary to keep in mind while purchasing the perfect size shoes for infants, toddlers, and little kids.

  • After wearing press the thumb on toes box to check how much plenty of space to grow. This is not the right way to check plenty of space. Mostly the problem comes when the baby draws up the toe by reflexing and foot get rolled. Which is not a good option
  • It would be better for you to keep one hand at the front of the shoes so that the baby can’t reflex the toe and check the space from the heel side.
  • Carefully test the width, length, soft sole, and flexible shoes. Then go for the final purchase. Otherwise, your baby doesn’t feel comfortable with the hard sole that is not even supportive and cause pain.

How Do You Know What Size Shoe Your Baby Wear

It would not be easy for the parents to go with one perfect same size all the time. However, footwear also changes with the growing ration of baby feet. What is baby shoes size 1 and another size only fit if you measure after a couple of months and get an idea of baby foot growth? Once you repeat this process until the adult size then your tots always wear comfortable, pleasant, supportive, and protective shoes. Otherwise, parents always go with the wrong size and cute babies do not feel comfortable and always want to take them off.

Tips To Buy Fit Size Baby Shoes

To pick up the right size for a baby is one of the biggest milestones in the parent’s life. It does not matter either you are going to pick for walkers or pre-walkers. Both require some sort of comfort, flexibility, protection, and durability. Easy to wear and the soft sole is a very important factor that you should take into account. Here we have the best tips for buying baby shoes size 1 cm.

  • To reduce the hurdles and growth restrictions you have to add at least 0.5 or 0.7 inches that provide room to grow easily and naturally.
  • You have to measure both feet with the widest width, and the longest toe box. Also, check both wearing instead of going to with single foot comfort.
  • Make ensure the correct size in the current situation as the baby feet grow very quickly and you have to measure the correct size.
  • For sandals and shoe sizes get vary as with shoes most of the time kids wear socks that require room for fitting.
  • When you are going with online shopping then keep in mind the different brand sizes and perfect conversion of UK, US, EU, CM, and Inches size.


What Shoes Are Best For Newborn?

Newborn does not require any shoes because they always stay on bed and don’t have any capacity to carry the weight of shoes. However, you can go with cozy and warm sock wearing for a newborn.

How Do Infant Shoe Sizes Work?

Just like another size chart you also get the perfect sizes for infants. Measure the foot width of your pinkie and width of your thumb and longest finger length from the heel. Then convert is according to the size requires.

What Age Is Baby Shoes Size 1?

The age that is considered buying baby shoe to learning walk size 1 and baby shoes size 1.5 is normally from 0 to 3 months. In little kids, the size comes after 13th size.

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